Michael Sullivan finds his own gun loophole–untruthful or uninformed

I know most of you don't like or trust Scott Lehigh, but he went one on one with Michael about a study on guns while he was head of the ATF. Maybe he never read it? Surely he would not disassemble to a respected Globe columnist who does his homework? find the whole column here and the conclusion bleow

 I was struck by two things. First, the fact that Sullivan hadn’t been familiar with the ATF’s research and second, his willingness to disregard it. For his part, Sullivan accused me of not liking him and of not giving him credit for the work he had done to get those adjudicated mentally ill into the background-check system.


Beyond finding him only lightly informed, I don’t have any real personal opinion of Sullivan. But I am interested in his political and policy decisions. As an attorney in private practice, he and his firm have had at least two major gun-industry clients, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (an industry trade association) and Smith & Wesson.


And for all his claims to be a fact-based decision-maker, when it comes to guns, it’s fair to conclude that he’s taken an ideological rather than an empirical position — one that’s led him to dismiss the important findings of the very agency he once ran.

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