Michael Sullivan Endorsed by MARA members, many Sheriffs

The Springfield Republican brings the news:

Former U.S. Attorney and GOP Senate hopeful Michael Sullivan’s campaign announced Wednesday that a three Bay State sheriffs and two members of the conservative Massachusetts Republican Assembly have endorsed his candidacy.

On the law enforcement side, Plymouth County Sheriff Joe McDonald, Essex County Sheriff Frank Cousins and Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson all threw their support behind Sullivan, a former district attorney.

“We need to send people to Washington who have experience in many different areas. Mike has been successful in the private sector, where he worked his way up in the Gillette Company, as well as in the public sector as a district attorney and a U.S. Attorney,” Cousins said in a statement. “Mike understands both how the laws work and the impact that they have. We need more people like Mike in Washington.”

Sullivan is considered the most conservative candidate compared to GOP Senate hopefuls Gabriel Gomez and state Rep. Daniel Winslow. He is a pro-life Republican who opposes gay marriage and those stances may have helped land him support from traditionally conservative Republicans in Massachusetts.

“We’re proud to endorse Mike Sullivan for the U.S. Senate,” said East Longmeadow resident Ron Gaudreau in a statement. Gaudreau, the president of the Massachusetts Republican Assembly’s 1st Congressional District chapter, cited Sullivan’s work as a prosecutor as well as his position as interim ATF director from 2006-09 as reasons for the support.

“Sullivan maintained an uncompromising adherence to the rule of law,” Gaudreau said. “Our members believe that Mike will stand by his convictions on the right to life of the unborn, and he will help us preserve the institution of marriage.” <…>

West Springfield resident and state committeeman Mark Bergeron also endorsed Sullivan, citing his personal friendship with the candidate.

“Mike has a proven track record of hard work and accomplishment in both the public and private sectors,” Bergeron said. “He has compassion and an unconditional love for this State and its citizens. Michael Sullivan is a man of honesty, integrity and courage to help lead us through these perilous times.”

Michael Sullivan equals conservative values, public safety cred, and real grassroots support.

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