Lowell School Department Telephone System Used in Voter Registration Drive

A concerned parent of a student in the Lowell Public School system called me yesterday to tell me about School Department resources being used in a voter registration drive.  Lowell, like many communities has a sort of reverse 911 system that can do auto calls to parents with children in the system.  It is to be used for things like snow days, and to warn of emergencies.  This week the City of Lowell used the system in a voter registration drive.  Red Mass Group has confirmed from other Lowell residents, that only parents of children in the Lowell School System got the message.  The message was sent on two consecutive nights.

Now having voters registered is a noble goal.  But using the a system to only register certain groups of people seems wrong.  Why were all residents of the City not informed in the same way?  Why were school resources used for this purpose.  Below is a You Tube video of the phone call.

Red Mass Group will be filing a public records request with the Lowell School Department for all records regarding this phone call.  

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