Let’s not forget what we stand for

Yesterday’s events at the Boston Marathon represented the most horrific tragedy that has happened to our city in many, many years. The graphic images, of regular people just like us sustaining unimaginable injuries, are difficult for anyone to take in. Many of us know people who were affected by it.

Whenever something like this happens, it is important to remember who we are and what we stand for. We do not change our way of life because of some sick person’s actions. The Boston Marathon will happen again next year, and thousands of people will participate in it. People will continue to get up and go to work, people will continue to visit the city of Boston, and through our perseverance, we will show the terrorists that they have failed. Likewise, we do not give up our freedoms and our liberties out of fear. We stick our freedoms in the face of those who want to hurt us and we tell them, “You will never take this away.”

Times like these are not when we sacrifice more of our freedoms. Times like these are when we show the world that the American Idea is resilient, and will endure through all adversity.

RIP to those who died, and thoughts and prayers with those who are injured, particularly Rob’s family.

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