Kill the RTC’s ????!!!!!

(Folks may recall a former MassGOP Executive Director Matt Wylie pushed the MassGOP to create County Clubs every RTC member would be a default member of.  The idea fizzled, but if you’ve been to other states, this is how Parties organize.  It’s hard to imagine Lowell, Cambridge, and Marlborough having much in common, but hey, whatever.  Maybe Marlborough can secede and join all the cool kids in Worcester County…, – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Sarah Rumpf of the blog Sunshine Sarah brings up some excellent points in her recent blog. Sarah worked on Sean Bielat's 2012 campaign and is a nationally know blogger.

For the Republican Party to succeed in Massachusetts, the RTCs need to die, and be replaced with county parties. That’s right, kill ’em off completely. There is nothing that an RTC does that can’t be handled better, more efficiently, and with greater impact at the county level.

Especially as the minority party in a state like Massachusetts, there is something to be said for “strength in numbers,” and having a larger group of Republicans in the room at monthly meetings will encourage the existing members, as well as make it easier to recruit new ones. Members won’t have to drive much further, but will enjoy the benefits of having a larger local party organization. Also, a single RTC is unlikely to be able to afford permanent office space, and the MassVictory offices are only open for a few months right before elections. Organizing at the county level makes it easier to afford a permanent space in the local community, further facilitating voter outreach and new member recruitment.

These suggestions do make sense and while we all know some RTCs are very active, most (yes most) don't function in the way we need them to function. At the very least we should consider organizing by State Senate district.


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