Jay-Z visits Cuba last Thursday – releases song about it this Thursday.

POTUS BFFs Jay-Z and Beyoncé took a number of distasteful liberties last week by visiting Cuba.  Of course, nobody from the United States is supposed to visit Cuba for recreation and tourism.  You are only allowed to visit if you are pursuing educational or charitable causes, otherwise it is a 10 year jail sentence and a $250,000 fine.  And the Treasury Department has to approve the trip ahead of time.  But who gives a sh*t what the rules are when your pal Obama is the President, right?  The trip was approved and Beyoncé and Jay-Z got a wedding anniversary trip to Cuba.  Nothing like spending a romantic week on a communist oppressive island run by a tyrant!  Why would anyone go elsewhere?

Upon their return 2 Florida lawmakers questioned whether they should have been allowed to go and received word from the US Treasury that ‘nothing to see here folks, just go back to work and shut up’.  Ya know, the typical official notice from Obama….

So here we are only 1 week after the trip occurred, and less than a week after the 2 Florida legislators questioned the trip and already Jay-Z has released a new song about the issue.  Nothing like pumping out some fast food style rap music.  (Insert John Kerry saying ‘I am fascinated by rap music’).  

I have attained a few of the lyrics from the song:

“Want to give me jail time and a fine, let me commit a real crime.”

“Obama said, ‘Chill, you gon’ get me impeached, you don’t need this (expletive) anyway, chill with me on the beach.'”

Gosh it sounds good!  But it also serves as a perfect example of how Barack Obama uses the Hollywood culture and people to play his game.  Beyoncé sings at Obama’s events, and he in turn allows her and Jay-Z to visit places they can’t legally go to.  Tit for Tat.  If Obama could sell the White House lawnmower for $20 he would do it.  He is pimping the office and everything to do with it here in his second term.  It will only get worse folks.  trust me….

We were all shocked when the Clintons helped themselves to valuable White House artifacts when they left, but can you imagine what the Obama’s are gonna do?  They will take everything that isn’t nailed down….

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