Gomez, Sullivan and Winslow, from a gaggle RINOs’ do we have RINOs’?

First, clarify some definitions, Conservatism. The modern definition of Conservative policy dates back to Goldwater anti “me too-ism” and a bold contrast between left and right. Those Republicans afflicted with “me too-ism” are called RINO. Accordingly, I did not see this bold contrast in any of the candidates, granted there was some but not the bold contrast Goldwater described. Therefore this election becomes as we have seen all too often in this State, the pick of the lesser evil and is tied to the current prominence of the Republican Party in this State, a sideshow. To be Conservative enough would also include knowing how to fight Populism and Egalitarianism, I doubt any State Republican has this skill or knows fully what it is they are fighting. I do wish more established State Republicans would join in our Tea Party such as debating the Occupy Mob on the U-Zoo green and see what we are fighting.  

Overall, this is about an American Revolution or a French Revolution, the French Revolution was a populist revolt of the classes and the American Revolution that gave birth to the greatest nation in the world of individual opportunity that eliminated classes. This new uniquely United States government depended on a small central government for protection from other nations but protected our Individual Opportunity, this being the ladder of success and most importantly protected our Individual Conscience. Colonists promptly developed the exceptional personality and characteristic of our foundation, an innate propensity of self worth coupled with the desire of innovation and motivation.      

With much uncertainty, I will skip over some American history and focus on our enemy, mostly Populism. Populism dates back to Rome with the Populares Party that has been considered the origin of both socialism and Populism, the Populares or “People’s Party.” Populism is often considered a major factor in the economic downfall of the great Roman Empire and this should be considered one of the most destructive forces in politics, mostly social issues. The Populist Party in the US was originally the People’s Party was established in 1891 and in 1896 the Populists became part of the Democratic Party. This in turn became part of the Progressive Movement, Fabian Socialism. What makes populism different from popularity is the exploitation of economic and social interests. Economically the modern terms used to describe this are the nanny state and the welfare state wherein the government provides your social needs. Lyndon B. Johnson used his sympathy for the 1891 Populist Party to push for The Great Society and The New Deal were often described as Populist.

According to Marx, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.” The French Revolution was a Populist Revolt that Marx/Engels studied the history of thus resulting in the use of Populism in Marxism. Populism unlike class warfare attempts to take a broader swath of “The People” against “The Privileged” on economic and social interests, and both as shown throughout history to be involved with some sort of demagoguery, scapegoating, and conspiracism. There is also the Egalitarian side of Populism, the equality of income and wealth typically associated with Labor or Workers unions. Thus, much of what Marx/Engels calls for is a working class or middle class revolt, a populist revolt of the classes.  

This is relatively simple economics, more government equals less economics in the private sector, government cannot create wealth it destroys it. Obama has mentioned his specific attacks many times, Obama in his own words, “concentration of power – collectivist” he will use not only the civil rights movement but also the populist movement and unions – start at 1:55 in http://youtu.be/ZjzPirAp0vM Therein this strategy, civil rights, populism and unions is the root of economic problems and it extends all the way to the top. If you have chosen to fight fiscally only then you will be fighting half the battle and will be a failure.  

There you have some of the basics of the leftist strategy, first and foremost, you need to defeat these leftist stratagems to be elected and realize this is not the sandbox to play in, on social or economic issues. Gomez, Sullivan and Winslow, and the Republican Party need to promote an American Revolution. Therefore, what is your plan, anyone?    

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