Gabriel Gomez: Who do you Trust?

What do we already know about Gabriel Gomez?  

We already know that in 2008 Gabriel Gomez supported Barack Obama instead of John McCain or any other Republican in the field.  We know he donated $230 to Obama and never donated to McCain or any Republican.

We already know that in 2010 Gabriel Gomez supported Alan Khazei instead of Scott Brown.  We already know he donated $1,000 to Khazei and never donated to Scott Brown.  We already know this was the largest donation he has ever made to any candidate at the time.

We already know that in 2013 Gabriel Gomez first tried to become a United States Senator by going through the Massachusetts Democratic Party and not through the Republican Party.  We already know he wrote to His Excellency Deval L. Patrick asking to be appointed.  We already know that in this letter he wrote that he supported Barack Obama in 2008 and that his appointment would be good for the Democrats.  He further wrote that he would support Barack Obama on hey issues including immigration and gun control.

We already know that even though Gabriel Gomez is independently wealthy, he has never donated to a single Republican legislative candidate in history, either here in Massachusetts or Nationally.  All of this information can be independently verified by OCPF and FEC.

We already know that when he first announced his candidacy the most common question people asked about him was “Who is Gabriel Gomez?”  Since then, the information that has come out has not been good.

It is all too obvious that Gabriel Gomez is running as a Republican out of political convenience.  My question is simple: Even if he were to somehow win, how long do you think being a Republican in Massachusetts will stay convenient for him?

As Republicans, we have been down this road before.  We have drunk the Kool-Aid.  We have seen the results.  We should learn the lessons of history and not make the same mistake on Tuesday that we have made in the past.


You probably already know many other names that belong on this list.  I’ll mention two.

1) Arlen Specter

In 1965, Specter ran for Philadelphia district attorney against his former boss, incumbent James C. Crumlish, Jr.  The city’s Democratic leaders did not want Specter as their candidate, so he switched parties and ran as a Republican, prompting Crumlish to call him “Benedict Arlen”.  Specter defeated Crumlish by 36,000 votes.  Although a supporter of capital punishment, as prosecutor he questioned the fairness of the Pennsylvania death penalty statute in 1972.…

Specter was never truly with us on beliefs, but being Republican was convenient for him.  The establishment kept clearing the field and backing him, so he kept the letter (R) temporarily next to him name.  That is, until that letter (R) was no longer convenient and Specter left us.  He became the 60th vote for the Democrats and now we have Obamacare.

2) Michael Bloomberg

The New York City mayoral election of 2001 occurred on November 6, 2001. Incumbent Republican mayor Rudy Giuliani could not run again due to term limits. As Democrats outnumber Republicans by 5 to 1 in the city, it was widely believed that a Democrat would succeed him in City Hall. However, businessman Michael Bloomberg, a lifelong Democrat, changed his party affiliation a few months before the election in order to avoid a crowded primary, and ran as a Republican.…

In 2007, Bloomberg left the Republican Party as having the letter (R) next to him name was no longer convenient to him in New York city.  During his tenure as mayor he is perhaps best know for his nanny state initiatives including a ban on large sodas and eliminating term limits for himself.

A small aside on Bloomberg:  Big government liberals with the letter (R) next to their name are not libertarians.  They’re just big government liberals.

Do not repeat the same mistakes of the past.  Do not drink the Kool-Aid.  Vote for the most conservative and most electable candidate in the field:  Michael Sullivan.

About Mike "DD4RP" Rossettie

  • Mike, great post. We have to be vigilant in our selection of Republican representation. I wonder how many Democrats had their candidates pull the same stunts and become Republicans? Not many.

    Go Sullivan!

  • edfactor

    So I have no idea who you are. Paul has explained that you have returned to RMG, and this is a big deal. Why? So you can agree with the same stuff as the other editors?

    You are, like so many other conservatives, totally alienated from the average MA voter, and completely unconcerned with winning. Remember winning? Maybe you don’t. Because everyone else on RMG seems really comfy with losing. I’m not.

    If you think Mike Sullivan can disagree with voters on almost every major issue, be associated with Bush and Ashcroft, have lousy name recognition, raise little money, and beat a well-funded liberal in the most liberal state in America, you need to consider medication for your delusions.

    You probably don’t know me, but I am a social conservative – but nothing like you. You see, I actually want to win elections. I realize, though it is hard, that few people in this state see the world the way that I do. Therefore, I have to figure out what kind of Republican can actually win statewide. He won’t be like me. But that’s OK. I’ll take Gomez over Markey any day of the week.

    So sure, Mike Sullivan – who I have met twice – is a great man with great character and a great resume and is 100% qualified to be senator and probably a lot more qualified than Mr. Gomez. But he has no chance of winning. The Democrats’ field operation is far better than Jan 2010 and they will crush us in the cities… again.

    I could go on and on, disproving your ideas one at a time, but I will hold back for now and go into full attack mode before Tuesday. I am your worst nightmare: a conservative with a brain.

    p.s. Nice to meet you. I really hope you offer better arguments than Rob. So far, I haven’t seen them. 😉

  • PSLarek

    A comment was posted stating Gabriel Gomez to be more electable for U.S. Senate than Mike Sullivan.                                                

    Gomez has  admirable traits which may qualify him in the years ahead for s state office and maybe in time a U.S.Rep.

    But let’s say he wins the primary…..  (through millions of personal funds spent, but that’s besides the point.)

    Markey’s first ad will be,  “Gabriel Gomez, just another Romney Venture Capitalist.” This will incite and then win the progressive base.

    Markey’s next ad will be, “Gabriel Gomez, supported President Obama and then he didn’t.”  This will sour the Republican base.

    Markey’s 3rd ad will show Gomez during the debates dodging questions on whether or not he wrote the letters. Something like, “Gabriel Gomez, a war hero, yes, but he can’t seem to get his story straight. Is Gabriel Gomez someone you can trust?” This will lose any moderate Dems.  

    Gomez will be “electable” then only to those watching ESPN Deportes and to his immediate family (who will be crossing parties).