Gabriel Gomez: Republicans for Obama

I didn’t think this was going to be necessary.  Really I didn’t.  After all, how could it even be possible the “Obama Wing” of the Republican Party could have even a chance to win a Republican primary?

Sure, Gomez had some insider support.  They flexed their political muscle to get some people in line.  He bought some more by opening his personal checkbook.  Then Michael Sullivan entered the race.

Michael Sullivan brought with him the crushing combination of being both more Conservative AND more electable to the Republican primary.   This was the same combination Mitt Romney used to brush Jane Swift aside.  This was verified by both his impressive history of electoral success and several public polls matching him against the Democrats in the General election.

Sullivan also came out strong with the far and away the strongest grassroots organization in the field.  While Gomez was paying hired guns $8 per signature to make the ballot, Mike Sullivan had gathered over 30,000 signatures before even announcing as a candidate… and without spending a dime.  The nomination was becoming an open and shut case.

…But money does funny things…


Gabriel Gomez kept his checkbook open.  He’s the only candidate on the air.  He’s the candidate people are hearing about and the candidate people are talking about.  Gomez has been hit by Carr and Graham for his transgressions, but the soft underbelly of apolitical voters hasn’t been paying attention.

That’s why Gomez might sneak in.  Apathy.  People just aren’t paying attention they way they did in 2010.

People often debate the best way for Republicans to win elections.  I’m pretty sure backing the Democrats in the general election isn’t it.

I’ll be voting for Sullivan.

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