Gabriel Gomez Cannot be Trusted.

In a field full of lawyers, it is ironic that the Navy man is the one who turns out to be the shyster.

By now you may already know that Gabriel Gomez donated $230 to Barack Obama’s Presidential campaign.  You may already know that he sent a letter to Deval Patrick formally seeking the Democrat’s appointment to the United States Senate.  You may already know that in the letter Gomez openly admitted to having supported Obama for President.  

What really bothers me is that just a few weeks later he openly lied to us as citizens and voters about it.  Gabriel Gomez tried to swindle our votes through trickery… and even with such a long and formally documented history of supporting Obama, he thought he could get away with it.

The word “Lie” is thrown around a lot in campaigns, perhaps too much.  Politicians are still flesh and blood people.  Sometimes the make mistakes, or use the wrong words, or say things that are open to some interpretation or context.  None of these things can possibly apply to Gabriel Gomez.  It was just a bold face lie, and it’s purpose was to deceive YOU for his personal benefit.

This time, on this lie, Gabriel Gomez was easily caught.  But we must also remember that this occurred right out of the gate.  It’s not as though he’s built up decades worth of trust with us to offset this.  We are being asked to put blind faith in a man who is an unknown… other that the fact that he is already a proven liar who desires to snooker YOU to get power for himself.  We should not fall for such chicanery.

If you claim to care about honesty and integrity in politicians you cannot in good conscience vote for Gabriel Gomez.  You deserve better.


What are the things we do not yet know?  What else had he lied about?  What other stories will break during a general election if he were our nominee?  What other lies will Gabriel Gomez continue to tell us in the future?  Such questions enter our heads when there is no trust.  The same questions would enter the heads of others if we make the tragic mistake of rewarding him with the gift of our nomination.

Gabriel Gomez has not been tested.  He is not and will not be trusted.

We have been fooled by politicians in the past.  The difference now, is that we already know this in advance.  

Do not be a lemming.

Do not drink the Kool-Aid.

Do not buy what this snake oil salesman is peddling.

Do not vote for Gabriel Gomez.

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