Gabriel Gomez: Bankrolling Scott Brown Opponent

(How dare Gabriel Gomez try to use Scott Brown as a shield.  Everyone should remember that we fully supported Scott Brown.  He did not.  The Parade of lies from Gomez continues.

BTW:  This isn’t the ACTUAL check.  This isn’t his ACTUAL account information.  Amount, date, and candidate organization are all real and verified by the FEC.  That’s the point. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

November 23, 2009 –

The Republican party had fallen on tough times.  Obama and the Democrats had won back-to-back landslide elections.  Just 5 days earlier Harry Reid had introduced the “Affordable Health Care for America Act” in the United States Senate.


Yet in the abyss there was still a ray of hope.  A special election for United States Senate right here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  We were ready, and united behind the single purpose of electing Scott Brown as the 41st Republican vote!

During the campaign I saw people use their vacation and personal time to volunteer.  Others waited in line for the opportunity to phone bank.  Struggling families donated what little money they had, and Michael Sullivan donated $500.00 of his own.  I saw a unity of purpose in the Massachusetts Republican Party I had never seen before.  We were all on board.

All of us, except Gabriel Gomez.


After donating $230.00 to Obama for America less than two years prior, Gomez quadrupled down on his support for Progressive Democrat candidates by donating $1,000.00 to the most left wing candidate in the field; Alan Khazei (D).  At the time, it was the largest donation Gomez had ever made to any candidate.

The picture I created above is just a representation, but the continued support for the left is tragically all too real.  The money Gabriel Gomez donated was not only against Scott Brown, and against the Massachusetts Republican party, but for the continued 60 vote Democrat super majority.

General Election support for Scott Brown never came.

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  • CVarley

    buit it isn’t convenient either.

    MA voters ask so little of their Republican candidates, leaders and elected officials. At the top of the  list is “Support other Republicans – or stay out of the race.”

    Good luck guys. Between this Senate race and the Marathon bombing followed up by a state house majority more focused on political points (let’s bring back the death penalty even though it won’t apply to the bombers) than actual reform (no tuition for illegals/immigrants – no benefits to immigrants/illegals) and relief to taxpayers.  

  • edfactor

    First, the check image is outstanding and effective and I congratulate you on it.

    But the headline is wrong. Alan Khakzei was never an opponent of Scott Brown. Khazei was running against a bunch of Democrats.

    I actually wanted Khazei to win the primary as I felt he was much further left than Coakley. (I didn’t know then what a terrible campaign she would run.)

    Also, it is important to note that in mid November when Gomez contemplated this donation, Scott Brown was unknown and he appeared to be a sacrificial lamb. It wasn’t until early December that even a glimmer of hope appeared. As late as mid-December, Brown himself was unaware of the out of state money that had just been deployed on his behalf.

    To say that, before Thanksgiong ,  that Scott Brown was some great hero that Gomez opposed, is not credible.

    Also, Gomez may have helped Brown during the general without writing a check. We don’t know.  

  • nomad943

    I actually just checked in to see if there was a reason to vote in the primary next week. You just gave me one. Thanks.

  • I continue to be amazed at the amount and depth of contradictions between the supposed beliefs of the Establishment and the reality of their selected candidate.  

    I have received numerous calls and emails asking me to support Gabriel Gomez with my vote, time and money.  These have come from local activists to Party “leaders”.  The are all strident in their support for Gomez and in their conviction that I must support him.

    I pose the following question to each and every caller:

    How can you ask me to support a candidate who has NEVER EVER contributed a dime to the MA GOP or local state rep, state senate or statewide candidates in over a decade?  Why should I support someone who has espoused as recently as January of THIS YEAR that he would support Obama’s agenda?

    Their response:

    He’s a navy seal.  He’s Hispanic. He will be able to make substantial changes to Congress just look at his 7 point plan (just don’t consider that it would require more constitutional amendments than have been done in a century).

    Yet they leave out the most important point:

    He’s our guy and will do and say what we tell him to do.

    So vote for whomever you like, but I will be voting for the candidate that is not a vessel for the Establishment.  

  • To the voters in Massachusetts This is not even a blip worth mentioning. Why? Because they do not care.

    The Democrats do not care. That is obvious.

    The independents would think this be to his credit, the whole not stuck with any stupid principles like the respect of Life, Liberty and Property as stated in the Declaration. They like politicians without principles that tell them nice lies.

    Most of the Republican establishment does not care either. They too have no real regard for the Constitution, the Country, the people, and the only real motivation they do care about besides their own personal greed is their social standing. To them the GOP is not a political party but a cocktail party. They will have a great time drinking when ever their candidates lose.

    As for the Republican voters, the vast majority are just low information voters. They too do not care. If they were anything else they would not ever support candidates like Gomez or Winslow (at least at a US Senate level) and  maybe Mike Sullivan would be up a against a real choice, not these impostors.  

  • Gomez chose to contribute to the most liberal Democrat running in the that Senate race.

    However, with all his money, he couldn’t make contribution to Brown…

    Sure Edfactor seems to be implying that it was strategic. Get the Democrats to nominate the weakest candidate. But if that were the case, Gomez would have donated to Brown an amount large enough to offset his donation to Khazie. It also assumes that Mr. Gomez was thinking like political operative, something he claims not to be.  So you can’t have it both ways.

    Notwithstanding his donations, Gomez is simply not ready for prime time. He can’t debate to save his life. He claims he doesn’t know how to write a letter that expresses what he means, so how the hell is going write legislation.

    And look who is supporting in the MA-GOP… the same crowd that supports the one guy who stands to lose the most if a Republican wins this Senate race!

    Folks, Mr. Gomez is a gimmick candidate being used to make consultants money and that’s all he’s being used for.

    While I disagree with him on some issues, I think eventually he’d make a decent candidate. But he’s got to pay some dues here. Ya think maybe Beacon Hill, representing a district, might be a better place for him to start.

    Sadly, this race will probably be his last because a bunch consultants saw $$$ signs and encouraged him to run race he wasn’t ready for.