Gabriel Gomez: Bankrolling Scott Brown Opponent

(How dare Gabriel Gomez try to use Scott Brown as a shield.  Everyone should remember that we fully supported Scott Brown.  He did not.  The Parade of lies from Gomez continues.

BTW:  This isn’t the ACTUAL check.  This isn’t his ACTUAL account information.  Amount, date, and candidate organization are all real and verified by the FEC.  That’s the point. – promoted by Mike “DD4RP” Rossettie)

November 23, 2009 –

The Republican party had fallen on tough times.  Obama and the Democrats had won back-to-back landslide elections.  Just 5 days earlier Harry Reid had introduced the “Affordable Health Care for America Act” in the United States Senate.


Yet in the abyss there was still a ray of hope.  A special election for United States Senate right here in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  We were ready, and united behind the single purpose of electing Scott Brown as the 41st Republican vote!

During the campaign I saw people use their vacation and personal time to volunteer.  Others waited in line for the opportunity to phone bank.  Struggling families donated what little money they had, and Michael Sullivan donated $500.00 of his own.  I saw a unity of purpose in the Massachusetts Republican Party I had never seen before.  We were all on board.

All of us, except Gabriel Gomez.


After donating $230.00 to Obama for America less than two years prior, Gomez quadrupled down on his support for Progressive Democrat candidates by donating $1,000.00 to the most left wing candidate in the field; Alan Khazei (D).  At the time, it was the largest donation Gomez had ever made to any candidate.

The picture I created above is just a representation, but the continued support for the left is tragically all too real.  The money Gabriel Gomez donated was not only against Scott Brown, and against the Massachusetts Republican party, but for the continued 60 vote Democrat super majority.

General Election support for Scott Brown never came.

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