Former NBA Player says “I am gay.”

Jason Collins, currently a free agent who last played for the Washington Wizards (though he is pictured in his Celtics jersey on DrudgeReport right now: )
is featured as the cover story of Sports Illustrated this month:

I’d like to focus on one thing he says in the article that needs some extra scrutiny. He says::

Changing diapers is a lot of work, but children bring so much joy. I’m crazy about my nieces and nephew, and I can’t wait to start a family of my own.

I assume he means hiring a woman to carry the baby and paying an egg donor to make a baby with him, or maybe he means adopting a baby. He’s probably NOT saying he can’t wait until it is possible to actually make genetic offspring with another man using stem cell derived “male eggs,” as the article doesn’t mention a partner in his life he wants to share his children with. And few people are even aware of the possibility of same-sex procreation, let alone waiting to use it themselves. But even if he’s just thinking of using an egg donor/surrogate, I think it’s wrong to intentionally create children, and wrong to desire children to raise and “own.” It is a form of slavery and human trafficking to think of human beings as property to “own” and control and raise and be fulfilled by. There is no right to acquire children or create children or adopt children, there is only a right to marry someone of the other sex, and a right for marriages to have sex and conceive children together. Children should be welcomed as unexpected gifts and responsibilities, not “wanted” for the joy they will bring to an adult.

The laws in my proposed “Egg and Sperm Civil Union Compromise” would not prohibit people from hiring a surrogate or using gamete donors, only from attempting to create people that are not the union of a man and a woman, such as with stem cell derived sperm from females bone marrow, or eggs from men’s. But enacting it would remind everyone that people only have a right to procreate in marriage, and people only have a right to marry someone of the other sex. The ‘compromise’ comes in the form of Civil Unions defined as “marriage minus conception rights” so that same-sex couples can have the same security and benefits that a man and a woman get when they marry, but without the same approval and expectation of making babies and starting a family.

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