Endorsements – why

Can someone tell me honestly why I should care who endorses a candidate or not.  It seems people put alot of stock in who is endorsing who…. but does it really matter.

I have never voted for someone based on who endorsed them or who had the most/least endorsements.  

I try to be an informed voter, so what purpose do they serve?

Can some one tell me?

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  • Some people take stock in who endorses who. In many cases it’s a game, I endorse you now you owe me a favor. It’s just the old political game in a lot of cases. In some it’s out of true support of the candidate.

    Bill Weld endorsing Gomez is a verification that a liberal ex-Governor supports him.

    The Sheriffs that jointly supported Sullivan are his law enforcement brothers and know that he is on their side and has their backs in the fight against criminals and terrorists.

    The Globe endorsing Winslow is the kiss of death IMHO, what Republican would want a liberal albatross like the Globe in their corner? Well the answer is someone that has liberal ideals.