Dan Winslow Should Withdraw and Endorse Michael Sullivan to Prevent Gabriel Gomez

Dan Winslow has gone up with a website at gomezletterDOTcom to give attention to Gabriel Gomez’s letter to Governor Cadillac Deval Patrick begging for the Senate appointment after John Kerry resigned. As we all know, Gabriel Gomez said that he “supported President Obama” and that he “supports the positions of President Obama.” Is that what we’re working for?

This week’s new poll for the Springfield Republican finds the following result for the GOP primary:

Likely Republican Primary Voters

Gabriel Gomez- 33 percent

Michael Sullivan – 27 percent

Dan Winslow- 9 percent

Undecided – 30 percent

What do we see? “Tested & Trusted” conservative Michael Sullivan and self-proclaimed “Obama supporter” Gabriel Gomez are both at about 30 percent, while Dan Winslow is way way back in single digits. The bottom line is that this primary is between Sullivan and Gomez. Sorry, Winslow, this just ain’t your race.

So if Dan Winslow really thinks that Gabriel Gomez’s letter declaring his support for Barrack Obama should truly disqualify Gomez, the best thing Dan Winslow can do in this final week before Tuesday’s primary is to withdraw from the race and endorse Michael Sullivan.

Since the race is between Sullivan and Gomez, Winslow can’t win. But he can put real conservative Mike Sullivan over the top and keep Obama-supporter-Gomez out of the nomination.

If your reading this, Mr. Winslow, please give it some thought. You can make a real difference!

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