Dan Winslow: “clearly supportive of abortion rights and gay marriage”

Scott Lehigh makes it plain:

The two hopefuls most clearly supportive of abortion rights and gay marriage are Democrat Ed Markey and Republican Dan Winslow. ///

On the GOP side, Winslow is unequivocally in favor of both abortion rights and gay marriage. If the high court were to overturn Roe v. Wade, Winslow would support federal legislation to guarantee a woman’s right to choose. He thinks the court should overturn DOMA – and that Congress should repeal the law if it doesn’t. He also believes married gay couples should receive federal benefits and that under the US Constitution, each state would be obliged to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other states.

Is this what your working your butts off for? Democrat-lite? What’s the different between Winslow and Fast Eddie? I keep leaning more and more tooward the tested and trusted conservative, Mike Sullivan. If we get behind Democrat-lite, th Democrat party wins twice. Given a choice between Democrat and Democrat-lite, voters will choice Democrat. And, even if Democrat-lite wins, Democrat policies win. Give voters a real choice between Democrat and an independent conservative Republican, voters will follow leadership. That’s Mike Sullivan.

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