Boston Herald Endorses Winslow

(Interesting development. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

We are proud to receive the Boston Herald endorsement today.

The Boston Herald

The national Republican Party has been engaging in months of soul-searching about its future.

Former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman offered up a good piece of advice in a speech at the Reagan Library recently: “When a party stops solving problems, the American people move away from it. We need to get back to problem-solving.”

Massachusetts voters have a chance in the special Senate primary election to put a problem-solver on the ballot under the GOP banner. Dan Winslow has been bringing a host of bright ideas to Beacon Hill since his 2010 election to the Massachusetts House. He has won bipartisan respect and scored several successes – especially in his efforts to cut “fluff” from the state budget. His delivery of jars of marshmallow fluff to the governor’s office (one for every budget line item he would cut) got him both attention and action.

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