April 11th Global Warming Update

Snow is expected to continue sweeping across the US heartland and possibly dumping as much as a foot of fresh snow in Saint Louis, which suffered thousands of power outages due to the heavy wet snow.  In Minnesota the MLB Twins home game is in jeopardy with the storm dumping all kinds of COLD wet precipitation.

So we have snow days from Major League baseball.  Think about that for a minute!

Here in Boston we are forecast to have some snow accumulations overnight.  Did I mention it was April 11th and not Aril Fool’s day?  

Hey Simple, how are snow shovel sales going?  Does the earth still have a fever?  Can Al Gore be reached for comment?  Will $1 trillion of additional federal spending stop this awful warming trend that we see……somewhere……not sure where…….Oh yeah, the polar ice caps…Have you seen any polar bears running around Manhattan yet?  Simply ridiculous!  Liberals are clearly brain damaged…  

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  • 14 degrees….real feel of -3.

    Of course, that’s “extreme” weather….and everybody knows that extreme weather is caused by global warming.

  • they’re already pimping the hurricane season….and if they’re right in their wild assed guess, they won’t let you forget it…and if they’re wronng, you’ll never hear about it.

    Booga booga SANDY!!

    For those that know tropical storms, Sandy way a big pussy, not some horrific superstorm.  She just so happened to hit at the right place at the right time to cause the damage she did.  Hell, she BARELY made it to Cat I hurricane, but that was off the coast.  When she hit, she was a cat I sub-tropical tropical cyclone.  Right geological place at the right tide…..nothing more.

    …but in the political “we need to tax your carbon output”….she was worse than Cat 4/5 Katrina because Katrina was sooo….last decade.