AFSCME Wastes Its Time & Members’ Union Dues During US Senate Special Election

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Yesterday, I received a robocall from Executive Director Frank Moroney of AFSCME Council 93 inviting me to join in a free conference call tonight with Rep. Ed Markey regarding his US Senate special election candidacy.

Houston, we have a problem.  I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of AFSCME or any other labor union.

I know who is, my mother!  Yes, my mother is shop steward for the lunch ladies in my town’s public school system and thus an AFSCME member.  She’s unenrolled and at least tells me that she votes Republican.  

I haven’t the slightest idea why/how AFSCME has my telephone number in their system, which isn’t the same as my parents, but apparently they do not have my mother’s on file as she never received the call on her line!

At 7:00 pm today I got the second robocall telling me to stay on the line to join the call.  Maybe I should have but quite honestly I didn’t want to lose the dinner that my mother cooked earlier this afternoon.  

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  • Ironically, my mother had her local union meeting tonight and much of the meeting was apparently recruiting for volunteers to participate in phone banking on behalf of Markey with some dinner as the reward.  I’m told that there were very few, if any, takers.  Actually, it seems many in attendance at the local are NOT Markey supporters.  My mother stood up & noted that I was annoyed by the mistaken calls.  It seems there may actually be a few Republicans in the union hall.

  • …employed by an obsolete hack-relic political office from the colonial era, that you would be an ideal supporter?

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    We went over this before when Simple was pushing his “Wasteful MA GOP Spending” thread =>

    It really raises the question–What kind of micro-targetting resources and smarts does the MA GOP have?  Have they ever heard about data mining?  Those of us who have worked in marketing in the private sector realize that we can tap into vast databases that merge several aspect of political and consumer information, allowing for precise targeting.  I understand the MA GOP is trying to target weak Dems to vote for Brown.  They need to peel away about 25% of Dems for Brown to win.  But me?  I’m not one of them and any half-way decent targeting method would tell them that – Simple J Malarkey

    I think if you’re running for office you need to advertise yourself to every single voter, not a select group.  Just an opinion.

  •    That:

    1. We do realize that Simple/Pogo/Festus/Frank is a democratic party shill.

    2. Democrats are entiled to lie, cheat, and steal. After all, they’re democrats. Its their god-given right.