$500,000,000 in new taxes

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Last week, without even a hearing, the Massachusetts House put on the calendar for debate tomorrow a bill that raises taxes by $500 million.  It contains tax on utility bills, a $1 per pack hike in cigarette taxes, a gas tax indexed to inflation and a new service sales tax on computer design work.

Unfortunately, our State Representative Carolyn Dykema and fellow Democrats squashed all attempts to allow public hearings on these proposed tax increases. If that isn’t bad enough, motions to allow more time for public feedback and amendments were voted down on straight party lines.

Are these tax increases a good or bad idea?  Will they help or hurt our economy?  What effect will this have on taxpayers?  Do we even need a tax increase?

There should be a public discussion and time for public input.  This Wednesday night The Holliston republican town Committee will be holding a public forum so taxpayers can learn more about the proposed tax increase.  The event will feature Paul Craney, Executive Director of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, Chip Faulkner Associate Director of Citizens for Limited Taxation, and Mike Hruby President of New Jobs for Massachusetts.

This event is open to the public and free.  I hope that you will attend.

Wednesday April 10 from 7 to 9 PM

in the Training Room

Holliston Police Department

550 Washington Street, Holliston

Please note that the Holliston Police Department does not allow food or drink, other than water, in the training room.

Any questions, please call 617-513-4368

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