Women for Gomez Chairs Rachel Kemp and Angela Davis quit Gomez Campaign.

(I don’t think “Tom” is exactly a neautral observer here, but this is another blow to SS Gomez in a bad week.  At least they waited until news dump Friday. Len, weeks still not over… – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Only days after forming and becoming leaders of the Women for Gomez Coalition, two of the three chairwomen have quit as a result of the fallout and implosion of Gabriel Gomez’s Senate Campaign due to Gomez’s support for Barack Obama for President as revealed in Gomez’s January 19, 2013 letter to Governor Deval Patrick.

These two GOP woman leaders are none other than State Committeewomen Angela Davis of Foxborough and Rachel Kemp of Boston.  Both women also served as Chairwomen for Women for Brown along with Janet Leombruno of Framingham in 2012.  

Janet Leombruno as of right now is still listed as a Chairwoman for Women for Gomez, but time will tell how long it takes for her to jump Gomez’s sinking candidacy.

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