VIDEO: Election 2012 Urban League of Boston Forum Parts 1 & 2

Jeff Semon is Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Federation of Young Republicans and a former candidate for U.S. Congress (MA-5). Please check out,, twitter – @jeffsemonma  

A few weeks before the 2012 election the Urban League of eastern Massachusetts hosted a panel discussion on the upcoming race and issues facing our country and state. Jeff Semon, Director of Communications for the Massachusetts Young Republicans joined the panel to present the Republican point of view.  

Republicans need to engage EVERY community across the country and make the case for individual liberty, economic empowerment and limited government. It starts one Republican at a time.

We have to show up. We have to be there to be heard. We have to be fearless in the knowledge that our principles appeal to every freedom seeking person in the country.  

PART 1  


PART 2  

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