Sullivan is clearly the conservative and deserves the GOP nomination

After careful consideration, Sullivan is the most qualified Republican and has the best chance to win June 25th in the General Election.

Today, The Massachusetts Citizens for Life endorsed Michael Sullivan for being Pro-Life.  We all know that his opponents, Dan Winslow is adamently Pro-Choice, and Gabriel Gomez claims he's personally Pro-Life but that it's alright for others to be Pro-Choice.

At least with Sullivan, everyone knows what you get… someone who is principled and isn't afraid to be conservative. Additonally, Sullivan has come out and said that he supports the 2nd Amendment and is the ONLY candidate out of his opponents who is against an Assault Weapons Ban.

 Sullivan may have faced some resistance to being appointed ATF director by GOAL and the NRA, but today Sullivan has made it clear that bans NEVER work and he has publically stated he would NOT support an Assault Weapons ban.  This position is completely different than how Gomez and Winslow are handling the 2nd Amendment.

On the other hand, Gomez supports Obama's stance on guns according to his letter to Deval Patrick and Winslow is wishy washy on the ban and REFUSES to come out in opposition against an Assault Weapons Ban because he's AFRAID to be pidgeon holed as a Gun Supporter if by chance he wins the primary. This is weak on Winslow's part and he's being a coward without a political spine by refusing to take a position on the Assault Weapons Ban.

It's amazing that Winslow claims to be a constitutionalist and supporter of Civil Liberties.  In fact, Winslow is always quick to point out his 100% rating from the NRA.  But if this is the case, why is Winslow afraid to come out and support the 2nd Amendment by coming out against an Assault Weapons Ban? With this specific issue and the fact he is afraid to state his position, Winslow is just as much of a fraud as Gomez is. 

Is Winslow running to serve the public or is he just willing to say whatever is convenient to the specific audience he is addressing at that time like Gomez? 

Is Winslow running just to win the Republican nomination like Gomez knowing he may have no chance against the Democrat in the General Election and is only trying to set himself up like Gomez so he can run for Attorney General next year or to be picked up for Lieutenant Governor? 

I don't know, but when a candidate starts becoming evasive and mushy on specific positions issues like Guns and the 2nd Amendment because he or she is afraid of alienating others, then I question that specific candidate's true intent and ability to win.

Therefore, the only candidate that I believe will do what he says is Sullivan and after careful consideration I believe that Michael Sullivan is the only Republican able to win this election.  We don't need another Bill Weld, we need a strong Republican candidate to represent us in the General Election.  And if anyone says a Conservative can NOT win in Massachusetts then they are COMPLETELY WRONG.  Thus he has my support.

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