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In Brock’s post on Dan Winslow’s Abortion…stance, Patrick makes a detailed summary of Winslow’s finger in the wind politics.

Winslow also spoke here about the MCFL endorsement.

There’s a video.

“If Republicans want to win in June, if Republicans want to be relevant to women and millennials,” said Winslow, “Republicans have to make sure they stand for choice, that they preserve a woman’s right to choice.”

I’m curious if Winslow is really prochoice deep down or if he is just comporting himself to what he sees as the most politically expedient position.  That seems to be his suggestion as to what Republicans should do on this issue, cast off any actual objections they have about abortion and do their best to bend with the political wind (to win and to be relevant).  

Winslow has done something similar before by associating with Americans Elect, a political organization that believed in nothing and trumpeted that fact.  Garrett Quinn had a good write-up on that organization here.

I think it’s possible that Winslow is mistaken in what he presumes to be the attitudes of millennials on this issue.  The younger folk are much more nuanced on the issue than their parents and they support precisely the types of restrictions that Sullivan does and that Markey and Winslow do not.

Now the Chiaroscuro poll – and other recent polls – still find that older Americans are more likely to describe themselves as “pro-life.” However, the differences among age cohorts are not nearly as dramatic as they used to be. More importantly, young people are actually more likely to support various incremental pro-life laws their older counterparts. The Chiaroscuro survey found that adults under 40 were statistically more likely to support waiting periods, parental involvement laws, and providing information about options and risks to pregnant women prior to the abortion.

It should be noted that other recent polls have found similar results. Last summer, the National Right to Life Committee commissioned a poll which showed that young adults ages 18-44 were actually more likely to favor the Pain Capable Abortion Prevention Act, which would ban abortion after 22 weeks of gestation. Furthermore, ever since 2000 the General Social Survey (GSS) has consistently found that young adults, ages 18-29 are more comfortable restricting abortion in a range of circumstances than older Americans.

“That it ceased to exist, I’ll grant you, but whether or not it failed cannot be definitively said.” – Metropolitan (1990)

by: Patrick @ Sun Mar 24, 2013 at 10:50:33 AM EDT

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Paul R. Ferro is Senior Editor at RedMassGroup.com. The 9th registered user of RedMassGroup.com, Paul has been with RMG from it’s inception. He’s also a former 4-term Marlborough City Councilor and currently serves as Chairman of the Marlborough Republican City Committee. You can follow him on twitter @PaulFerro

RMG Comment of the Week

I’m going to try to highlight a particularly insightful comment made here on RMG by a member of our community every Monday.

John DiMascio has a lengthy and, frankly, devastating summary of Gabriel Gomez’s verbal gymnastics and political contribution history in our discussion of the resignation of 2 of 3 co-Chairs of ‘Women for Gomez’  (Note: It’s lengthy, so there’s more ‘after the jump’  Check the whole thing out).

May not be technically a liar…. but certainly a politician

To paraphrase William Jefferson Clinton, ‘it depends on what the meaning of the word “support” is.’

Gabriel Gomez may  indeed not have lied about who he voted for in 2008. However, what he is really lying about is that he’s not a politician. The fact is he is parsing words words exactly like a typical politico that needs a GPS to find his “Political Private Parts.”

Here is Gomez entire contribution history.

2002 ——Mitt Romney …..$  100(GOP)

2004 ——Kerry Healey…..$   75(GOP)

2004 ——Bush/Cheney …..$  250(GOP)

2007 —-Obama/ Biden….$  230 (Dem)

2009 —-Alan/Khazei ….$ 1,000(Dem)

2012 —-Shuttleworth….$   250(Dem)

2012 ——Romney/Ryan …..$ 2,500(GOP)

So let’s pull together the history of Gomez’s comments on the subject.


When he appeared on MSNBC Hardball to talk about the anti-Obama “Swift Boat Type” video (in which he appeared), he mentioned his contribution to Obama. He said it was a matter of public record that he’d contributed to Obama. I think he may have challenged people to go look it up.   He said this to dispute that he had participated in the anti-Obama ad for political reasons. The implication clearly was that he supported Obama’s politics, but only opposed Obama for taking credit for getting Bin Laden. He didn’t say whether or not he voted for Obama in 2008, but he sure left it out there to be naturally extrapolated. Again, he was clearly doing this so as to appear objective and give credibility to his participation in the this anti-Obama video.


He tells the Boston Republican City Committee that he only donated to Obama at the request of a friend. But he said he voted for McCain. So he down played the contribution. The problem here is that know one followed up and asked: OK how do you explain away your contribution to Uber-Liberal Democrat Senate candidate, Alan Khazie the same year Scott Brown was running on the Republican side ?


During the first debate at Stonehill, he was asked who he voted for. He avoided mention of his contribution and said I voted for the Navy guy. Again, none of the panelists were smart enough to follow up asking him by asking about the Khazei contribution in 2009. For that matter he also contributed to Virginia Democrat Bruce Shuttleworth running for Congress in a 2012. Granted Shuttleworth was a fellow Navy veteran;  perhaps they even served together. Nonetheless, we have 3 consecutive contributions to Democrats. Two of them we know are extreme leftists.  So we have pattern here that is worth pressing Mr. Gomez on.

Let us accept for the sake of argument that Gomez told the truth about only contributing to Obama only to appease a friend. After all, our recent MA-GOP Chair used a similar rational to explain his contributions to Chuck Schumer and Deval Patrick. Then I would think that Mr. Gomez, a self-made millionaire, would have sufficient funds offset his contribution and then some by making a contribution to the Navy Guy he claims to have voted for!

Looking at Mr. Gomez’s history of contributions we see some contributions to Republicans early in the last decade. Then all of a sudden we see a most radical shift in the politics of those who chose to give money to. Then all of a sudden we see his biggest contribution on record going to Mitt Romney.

Judging from Mr. Gomez’s own words, we can almost assume that this 2012 contribution to Romney doesn’t represent a political “Metanoia”.  In fact, we read in his letter to Deval Patrick that Mr. Gomez offered to go to Washington as a Senator to fight for certain Obama policies. Not to mention the fact Gomez lavished Deval Patrick with praise.

Hence all this tells me is the despite Mr. Gomez’s insistence that he’s not the typical calculating politician, that is precisely what he is. His contribution to Romney in 2012 was to back up his performance in the anti-Obama video. Further, we have to ask if his participation in that project was not all about self-promotion. It’s pretty obvious that Mr. Gomez had his eye on an eventual run for office as a Republican. His contribution to Romney doesn’t represent his views, so much as it was covering his tracks. His letter to Patrick? Again self-promotion and more proof that he is a typical politico, which he so vehemently denies being. Gomez will say whatever he needs to say to further his political aspirations. What a surprise!

Mr. Gomez has a habit of hedging his bets. And that’s how he’s made his millions. He is a hedge fund operator. If he thinks a stock is gonna tank he goes short. If he thinks it’s going to go up, he buys long. Well that’s perfectly legal and fine when we’re talking about the stock market. But this sort of behavior will eventually catch up to you in the world of politics. For Mr. Gomez — eventually is now!

by: John DiMascio @ Sun Mar 17, 2013 at 05:59:24 AM EDT

About Paul R. Ferro

Paul R. Ferro is Senior Editor at RedMassGroup.com. The 9th registered user of RedMassGroup.com, Paul has been with RMG from it’s inception. He’s also a former 4-term Marlborough City Councilor and currently serves as Chairman of the Marlborough Republican City Committee. You can follow him on twitter @PaulFerro

  • edfactor

    I agree that trying to say two different versions of the truth to two different audiences is certainly like a politician.

    (Oh – and the Shuttleworth guy is from the Navy. My guess is that they were friends in the service. The Khazei contribution? I don’t get that. He’s a big celebrity in my neighborhood among all of the hippie liberals. Rich people give to others without a lot of thought sometimes, but I want to hear the explanation of that one.)

    I guess what I would want to know is why he wrote to Deval Patrick to begin with. Who thinks to do such a thing? Considering how many others wanted it, why would he think he would be chosen? Since the temporary appointment would not have led to running for the rest of Kerry’s term, what would he gave gotten out of it?

    If he misled Governor Patrick on the depth of his support for President Obama, why was it worth doing that in writing?

    I realize that he could just say that he wanted to serve Massachusetts, but a rich man can do that in so many ways. I am just curious what the moment was when he said, “I, an unknown man, will petition the governor to put me in the U.S. Senate!”

    Considering how that moment led to this disaster in the primary, it would be nice to hear about what he was thinking.

    (On a process note, it amazes me that his people could not have foreseen this problem. You’d think the letter would have come up in the vetting, and he would be prepared to talk about the issue in light of the letter. I mean, what the hell is the point of having establishment support if you start off with such an unforced error?)  

  • Mr. Gomez has done very well for himself over the years.  He has reported earning $8.5 million between 2007 and 2011 which is a fantastic achievement for which he should be proud.  

    He should be less proud of his support for Republican candidates over the years.  Let me start with an admission that I have less of an issue with those in business giving to Democrats at the request of friends, college buddies and Navy brethren.  What I do take issue and umbridge with is the fact that during 2007 to 2011, a period where he was earning $8.5 million dollars, Mr. Gomez gave a total of ZERO, let me say that again, ZERO, to Republican candidates at the federal,  state, regional or municipal level.  His only contributions during this period were to Democrats.

    Let me say this again, Mr. Gomez is free to contribute or not contribute to any campaign he wishes.  However, when you don’t support any Republican grassroots candidates in over a decade please do not ask for my help, my money or my support when you now wish to run for office as a Republican!

    I asked the following questions of Mr. Gomez,his campaign and his senior MassGOP supporters, and will do so myself when they call me next time:

    1). Where have you been for the last decade?  

    There were many campaigns that could have used a $500 contribution from you in the last decade.  Heck, maybe you could have asked a couple of friends to contribute too.  I am sure that Mary Connaughton, Shaunna O’Connell, Bob Hedlund, Keiko, Ryan, and many other good, solid candidates throughout the South Shore would have loved your help and support, but you weren’t there.

    Even more irksome is the help you could have been in reaching out to minority neighborhoods, but weren’t.  Your success could have been a shining example of what hard work, dedication to your country and family, and education can do for your future.  Imagine how many young men and women could have had their eyes opened to the opportunities that work, dedication and education can bring.  An opportunity lost for you, the party and, most important, a generation of young men and women whose lives you could have positively impacted.

    2). To the MassGOP establishment that came out hard in support of Mr. Gomez – Are you kidding me?

    The signs that change are coming to the MassGOP are beginning to show more and more every day, but that the “Establishment” has lost whatever touch they had with hard working Republicans has been made crystal clear by endorsing Mr Gomez so early despite what we are now seeing was a myriad of issues.  I am particularly dismayed by our National State Committeeman and Committeewoman.  Ron Kaufman has had issues throughout the years and I struggle to understand how someone who lobbies for Chavez can be our representative.  Ms. Healey has shown her ability to select primary winners is right up there with selecting ads for her campaign.  In the last year we have had her endorse first Elizabeth Childs and now Gabriel Gomez, need I say any more?

    It’s time to recognize that the issues in the Gomez campaign are fatal for this election.  Time to bow out now, bow out, but not disappear.  Mr. Gomez has a future in politics, but it will take him becoming active in local and regional races and not going dark like he did after his Selectman defeat over a decade ago

  • see an influx of far right stupidity? Massachusetts Republicans are moderate. Don’t like it? Move. Go to the south where you can vote for Richard Murdock and Todd Akin. Go on, shoo, go ruin some other state’s GOP.  

  • That was the best of the week, Thank you.

    What has Gomez been doing in the past week?  Has he quit the race?  I think that’s the only thing he can do.  Or he could run as  dem and give Ed Markey a run for his money. That would be good for us to watch.

  • Just heard Mr. Gomez on Howie Carr and he was asked about his contribution to Alan Khazei.  He responded that it was a primary and that he was behind Scott Brown and voted for him.  Interesting that he always seems to give money to the people he doesn’t support and doesn’t give money to the people he does support.  I, for one, am finding his responses lacking and disingenuous    

  • Republican Ram Rod Radio

    Just got back from my winter bug out camping trip and I come home to see this?  What happened?  Why didn’t someone call me?