Coalition for Marriage & Family Claims: Dan Winslow Believes Pro-Life Candidates Deserve to Lose

(WBUR has Winslow behind Sullivan by a better than 3-1 margin.  In third place… – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

I received this email today from the Coalition for Marriage & Family.  To put everything into its full and proper context, the original WCVB story can be read, with the video clip featuring the quote below, and others, from Dan Winslow at…

“Pro-Life Candidates Deserve to Lose” says Republican Candidate Rep. Dan Winslow

Senate candidate will also speak at Anti-DOMA rally today

Dear friends,

Last week in an interview with WCVB reporter Janet Wu, Republican US Senate candidate Dan Winslow spouted that the Republican Party “deserved to lose,” if it chose a pro-life candidate. He was specifically attacking pro-life front runner Michael Sullivan, who had been endorsed by the Massachusetts Citizens for Life’s federal PAC. Winslow argues pro-lifers Republicans shouldn’t run for statewide office.

We think Winslow should apologize to all the pro-lifers who have worked hard for less-than-ideal Republican candidates, in the hopes of gaining some ground and saving some lives. We think he should apologize to all his pro-life colleagues in the legislature, for basically stating that the excellent farm team they’re building should be barred from future higher office. From pro-life legislators standing up against MariaTalks to pro-life municipal officials fighting the Transgender Bill that Winslow voted for, there’s a growing grassroots pro-family movement Winslow should seek to ally himself with on fiscal issues, rather than attacking.

Today, Winslow will speak at an Anti-DOMA rally at City Hall plaza with individuals like Rep. Carl Sciortino (lead sponsor of the Bathroom Bill) and other far-left legislators.

Pro-abortion Republicans often accuse social conservatives with “being divisive” and insist that they not talk about social issues. Winslow is himself engaging in the politics of division, splitting the Republican Party by attacking one of its core constituencies needlessly. Winslow’s message is not to focus on the economy and ignore the social issues and find common ground, but to attack the base in the hope that liberals will be drawn into the Republican primary.

We want to take this moment to educate pro-family voters that he’s not only attacked pro-lifers, but he was the only Republican to vote in favor of the Transgender Bill, and the only one endorsed by radical transgender groups:


Winslow is attacking his fellow candidates from a position of desperation. He trails in recent polls by double digits, and has the lowest name identification of any candidate in the Senate race, according to a recent WBUR poll:…

If you’d like to send a message, telling Dan Winslow you’re shocked he even calls himself a Republican and ask that he apologize to you and his colleagues, you can click HERE.

Or, if you’d rather do something positive and affirming in response to Winslow’s negativity, take a moment to donate to the Coalition today, so we can continue to educate pro-family voters about radical Republicans like Dan Winslow:

Thank you.

Please note that I did slightly edit the original posting.  I added the link to “you can click HERE” so that anyone interested can access & read the pre-written text that could be sent to Rep. Winslow.  I also removed the fundraising URL at the very bottom of the email.

NOTA BENE – to be sensitive to the assertions that the title, lifted directly from quoted email sent by the Coalition for Marriage & Family, is misleading I changed the title of this post.  After all, I disagree with Dan Winslow but I’m not above trying to be fair about the portrayal of the profound differences.

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  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I was no longer interested in Gabe Gomez after I found out he solicited the Senate job from Deval Patrick by kissing his ass, now I have lost any interest in Dan Winslow because he thinks my pro-life values are an embarrassment to the party.  

    I think all that is left is Sullivan.  I could vote for an Irish guy!

  • That email is hard hitting stuff.

  • It’s not exactly a secret that that Roe v. Wade is bad law.  But by comparing it to Dred Scott, Sullivan chose just about the worst way imaginable to explain this to voters.

    Winslow would be committing political malpractice to not point this out.  And if you’re smarting over that remark, just wait until Markey pummels us 24/7 with ads on the issue.

    If Sullivan doesn’t back away from his comparison of abortion to slavery… then yes, he will have earned the defeat that he has coming to him.

  • WBUR has Winslow behind Sullivan by a better than 3-1 margin.  In third place… – promoted by Paul R. Ferro

    From WBUR:

    With more than a month to go to the primary, Sullivan is in the lead among Republicans, with 28 percent of likely GOP voters saying they’d pick him. Winslow is second, with 10 percent, and Gomez trails with 8 percent.

  • I can’t seem to embed YouTube videos on RMG lately but this clip from Star Trek: The Next Generation pretty much sums up pro-choice & pro-life activists.

    For those who don’t remember this episode, the alien (a Cardassian) is deceiving and torturing Captain Picard during an interrogation, all the while trying to get his captive to admit that he is staring into 5 lights when indeed there are only 4.  

    Here is the explanation from Wikipedia:

    With word of the failure of the Cardassians to secure Minos Korva, Madred [the alien] attempts one last ploy to break Picard, to claim that Cardassia has taken the planet and the Enterprise was destroyed in the battle. He offers Picard a choice: to remain in captivity for the rest of his life, or live in paradise on Cardassia by admitting he sees five lights. As Picard momentarily considers the offer, a Cardassian officer interrupts the process and informs Madred that Picard must be returned now. As Picard is freed from his bonds and taken away, he turns back to Madred and defiantly shouts “there are four lights!” Picard is returned to the Federation and reinstated as Captain of the Enterprise. Picard admits privately to Counselor Troi that while he was willing to tell Madred anything, he was more concerned that, for a moment, he thought he really did see five lights. Madred’s test using four lights is an homage to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, in which O’Brien tortures Winston Smith until Smith admits that he sees five fingers when O’Brien only holds up four.

    I’m a faith-informed socially conservative pro-life Republican and THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!!!

    I’ve always been more of a Star Wars fan over Star Trek but this geek never did forget this episode.  🙂  


    A propos, Lynch largely getting a pass on social issues. Favorability rating of 36-13 among “pro-choice” respondents; 36-15 among “pro-life” respondents. Astounding.

  • Considering I’ve objected to the social issue positions of both Dan Winslow & Gabriel Gomez, I’ve probably done them both a favor for they can now proclaim that they’re much more enlightened & reasonable than the crazy pro-life kook(s) in the Republican Party.  

  • Brock, et al,

    Take this issue off the table. Now who would you support? We get it that this is the primary reason that you support Sullivan. Are there any others? Or are all three so close to each other on the 1,000 other issues facing this country that you could support any of the three if pro-life was off the table?

    I’m just curious.

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