Personhood Hits The U.S. Senate (Race)

Just got this fundraising email, with the subject line “Personhood Hits The U.S. Senate.”


A few weeks ago Senator Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) introduced personhood legislation that would recognize the rights of ALL people, born and unborn! Known as the “Life at Conception Act”, this legislation declares that human life began at conception, thus providing all humans legal status from the earliest stages of life.

In a statement, Senator Paul said the following:

“The Life at Conception Act legislatively declares what most Americans believe and what science has long known – that human life begins at the moment of conception, and therefore is entitled to legal protection from that point forward. The right to life is guaranteed to all Americans in the Declaration of Independence and ensuring this is upheld is the Constitutional duty of all Members of Congress.”

This has been a MAJOR last few weeks for our movement! Just last week we witnessed U.S. history when the North Dakota state legislature passed a constitutional protection of all human life and a ban on abortion. Now with Rand Paul championing the cause for life as well, it is clear that support for personhood is expanding like never before!

As the movement to protect all human life grows, so does our need for sustained help and aid.

Want to help? Join our inner circle and become a part of the LifeGuard membership club! It is the commitment of supporters like you that have brought us to this point and it is what will carry us all the way eradicating abortion all over the world!

The LifeGuard club has been growing rapidly and so have our achievements from North Dakota to Georgia to now the U.S. Senate! The dominoes continue to fall all across America as the silent majority begins to speak out in support for the unborn.

For Life,

Keith Mason


Personhood USA

So that’s an actual bill in the Senate that will come before a vote someday. I haven’t seen any of the Senate candidates repudiate it, or anyone here repudiate it and say it is too extreme or how Rand Paul is going to cause Republicans to lose elections. So here is your chance, Edfactor and TLCWeld and Couves, and Dan Winslow, Mike Sullivan, and Gabriel Gomez: repudiate this extreme and radical bill. Yes, that’s what Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said about it, and all the MSNBC anchors, but they have a point. Personhood of embryos is a ridiculously extreme and radical position that would have crazy consequences, like prohibiting abortion in the case of rape and prohibiting IUD’s and many other contraceptives including Plan B and forcing us to implant all the frozen embryos and genetically engineered or cloned embryos made by irresponsible researchers. And it isn’t even true: life begins at heartbeat, not at the creation of the embryo. The embryo grows naturally and miraculously for a few weeks before it becomes alive with life. But even then, though it is alive and ensouled with a will and an emerging consciousness, it isn’t a person with a right to life, which happens at birth or imminent birth. Expressing the belief that embryos are alive hurts the party, and people that do that should be repudiated for their mistake.  

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