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I’m curious about something. You have stated repeatedly over the past few weeks that young people are considerably more pro-life because of the advances in technology. They can see that person via 3d ultrasounds and such.

With that point being conceded, do you have any data that shows a follow-up question like, “Since you’ve indicated you are pro-life, do you wish to deny that choice to another person?”

The reason I ask this question is because I can believe that more young people are pro-life than is widely reported. But I can also believe that it is a personal decision and they feel uncomfortable with making that choice for someone else, who does not share their view, through legislation.

This could be comparable to “I’m not gay, but why should gays be denied the choice to marry?”

I have no idea if my hypothesis is sound and would value any insight from others. I think this has election implications obviously. Would you share some thoughts?


Karl (TLC)Weld

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