Fishman Campaign Suspends Operations

(Sunday, at the Marlborough Price Chopper, an Independent candidate from Woburn was collecting signatures.  Not recalling his name, but there may still be 3 candidates on June 30. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

Fishman for Senate

common sense requires common people


For Immediate Release

Beverly, Massachusetts

(978) 712-0842

The Fishman for Senate campaign announces today the immediate suspension of all campaign activity.  The campaign will not be submitting signatures to the Secretary of State for placement on the ballot in advance of the April 3rd deadline.

“When I first entered this campaign there were no Republicans officially announced, and the three most prominently mentioned Republicans had all removed their names as potential candidates.  I was concerned that given the short period of time to gather signatures no Republican would be able to get on the ballot, and the Senator for Massachusetts would be chosen via the closed Democratic primary.

“Fortunately in support of the democratic process, three Republicans did stand up to run and successfully made it onto the ballot.  I would like to thank Dan Winslow, Gabriel Gomez and Michael Sullivan for undertaking this largely thankless task.

“The support that my campaign has received has been buoying.   In particular as my awareness grew of the burgeoning liberty movement in Massachusetts, I felt a tie back to the proud heritage of our state in leading on issues of Liberty.  On the campaign trail, whether at a GOAL rally in Boxborough or gathering signatures on the street at Faneuil Hall, I was constantly approached by people in Massachusetts who thanked me for stating the obvious.  Congress is completely broken.  And given that congress is broken, why should we giving it more power or more money?

“In the past I have run because I did not perceive a significant difference between the Republican and Democrat in their concern for the civil liberties of private citizens.  I have however recently become satisfied that there is a candidate in the race who will voice the concerns of those who fear a tyranny of the majority.

“With the conclusion of this campaign I will return to my day job and consider options for 2014”

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