Democrat Gabriel Gomez needs to quit

It's time for Democrat Gabriel Gomez to stop the charade of pretending to be a Republican and quit the Senate race.  It's not that Gomez is honest.  Instead, Gomez has repeatedly lied to the public by saying he donated to Obama once because his boss made him do it in 2008.

Well did Gomez's boss make him donate in 2007 too?  And did his boss make him donate to Ultra-Liberal Democrat Alan Khazei over Scott Brown in 2010?? And did Gomez's boss make him tell Governor Patrick that if appointed Senator that he would support the Obama agenda as a “proud Obama supporter”???

No.  Gomez's boss never told him this information.  Gomez is a phoney liar who is not a Republican, but someone who is trying to take advantage of our party's current weakness.  Gabriel Gomez is a vulture and should quit because he is disgraceful, dishonest phoney.

Please read Gabriel Gomez's letter to his “Excellency” Governor Patrick begging to help Obama if appointed U.S. Senator just only a month earlier:


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