Dear John

   Walsh. Chairman of the democratic state party. I would reply to you on BMG, but they don’t like hearing the truth.

  We Republicans do not advocate murder of any kind. Apparently you democrats advocate for it with your abortion stance!

  Hate: Your all welcoming party just tells every possible splinter group to vote for you. Then you shove them into a corner until the next election. John Kerry was right! Your voters ARE stupid.  

  Taxes and Revenue: I just spent 15 minutes today listening to state Undersecretary of Housing and Urban Development Aaron Gornstein trying to sell the Governor’s plan. It was so ridiculous, I walked out. Affordable and ACCESSIBLE housing is not happening! Jobs are not being created. In fact, my friend was just laid off the day the Dow reached a new record. The 57 economists you cite already have a job! How about non democrats?

  You had your turn. Now it really is time for change. To a two party system.

  As democratic chair, you love every democratic elected official. You are digging yourself a hole here. I am not ready to annoint FORMER State Rep. Paul Kujawski GOD. He’s the godlike person who urinated on a female MA state trooper and their union SPAM endorsed his action. So much for union endorsements in my mind.

  Education: So you endorse the Framingham Stare president’s garage of $250,000. I don’t.

  Re-election of democratic legislators: Yeah, that’s ALL they care about. Screw everyone else, including independents and folks not friends and relatives, even if they’re democrats. Get in line, and it’s a very long line.

  Enough for now, I’ll address the rest later.


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