Congratulations 2nd Lieutenant Sheehan

Our intrepid South Shore Republican, Joseph Daniel Sheehan, will graduate National Guard OCS tomorrow, according to his post on facebook.  Here’s what Joe had to say:

Tomorrow I will graduate from Officer Candidate School.

It took a LONG time, a couple of surgeries, tons of paperwork, my Irish citizenship, some lousy night shift jobs while I at first waited, and I’d conservatively estimate about 10,000 push ups… but, against all odds and stubborn fate, tomorrow IT SHALL BE DONE!

It also took the support of God, my great family, friends, and of course my amazing girlfriend who each inspired me and pushed me through the tough times of which there were many.

At the very least it will be nice to finally be addressed as “Sir” without it being always having to be followed by “… you’re making a scene”. Back in Massachusetts again, tomorrow. Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

Please join me in congratulating Joe on something he’s wanted for a long time.

Plus over the last two months, he’s barely missed anything in Mass Politics. Its been kind of boring, right?

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