Are we Republican hypocrites?

When we fail to promote transparency and good government within our party, then we are being hypocrites.  Last week’s State Committee meeting was a prime example.  

Why wouldn’t we want to know how or if ballots for the Chairman’s fight were tampered with?  How can we fight for voter ID laws when we cannot even manage an honest 80 vote election?

Are we Republican hypocrites?

Republicans fight for rule reforms within the legislature, but they are not for good government within the caucus.  

The Speaker of the House and the Senate President are both limited to 8 years.  But we don’t make the same limits on our leadership.  

Shouldn’t there be a time limit for being minority leader?  Shouldn’t our actions match our rhetoric?  Or are we no better than the Democrats?

To move forward, we need to overhaul our party.

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