A right to be the other sex??? [Updated with poll!]

In addition to marriage and abortion issues, we need to know where all the candidates stand on transgenderism. Transgenderism is “the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time” as Joe Biden said, and it is currently being insanely pushed on young children here in Massachusetts and around the country. The most fundamental question they must answer is if they believe there is a right to be either sex. Not to just have the cosmetic surgery or change their legal sex (which doesn’t really change anyone’s sex), but to fully become the other sex, with the same rights and abilities, including the right to reproduce offspring. We should not elect anyone who thinks people have a right to reproduce as either sex, with people of either sex. That is crazy Transhumanism, and we shouldn’t elect a Transhumanist.

There is no right to be allowed to use stem-cells coaxed into being the opposite-sex gamete, no right for a man to reproduce as a woman or a woman to impregnate another woman, no matter what their legal sex is or their “gender identity” is.

The new guidelines (pdf here, or read MassResistance’s report on them here) that all schools are supposed to follow are insane, and the insanity is because of an unexamined underlying false premise that people have a right to change sex and be either sex. It’s the same assumption that results in the thinking there is an equal right to same-sex marriage. It is a transhumanist belief in overcoming fixed gender and natural reproduction and the need for both sexes to reproduce. We need Congress to slap our silly state into reality, by establishing that people can only try to reproduce with someone of the other sex, as the sex they were born.  

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