A Republican Vision for Government? Rep. Fattman Offers One

With all the talk recently about the GOP offering an alternative vision of how this Commonwealth should be Governed, one rising GOP star, State Rep Ryan Fattman, offers an outline.

Imagine a Massachusetts where people’s voices are not only heard, but their vote at the ballot box is heeded. Imagine a Massachusetts accountable to “We, the People.”

All this is possible, but it requires a change in direction on Beacon Hill. For a decade, Massachusetts residents witnessed neighbors packing and businesses closing. The rise of political scandals, patronage and corruption were matched only by increases in taxes on businesses and families.

In his State of the Commonwealth address, Gov. Deval Patrick’s solution to Massachusetts’ problems was an expansion of economic control, manifested in higher taxes, or more politely put, “revenue.” But reform, not revenue, is what Massachusetts needs.

Instead of investing in government expansion with a nearly $3 billion income tax increase, Massachusetts should reinvest saved tax dollars from reforms in education and public transportation. At the very least, this proposal must also launch conversations about reforming state government to save taxpayer money.

The entire article is worth a read.  

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