2016 GOP President Candidate Portman: I support gay marriage like Dick…

… Cheney and his daughter and probably the majority of the voters in the Liberal Northeastern United States. Rob Portman is the United States Senator from Ohio and played the role of Barack Obama in Debate Prep with Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential Election. 

   Additionally, Rob Portman is believed to have been Mitt Romney's second choice for his Vice Presidential Pick behind Wisconsin United States Representative Paul Ryan. 

   In the April 30th United States Senate Republican Primary, Massachusetts Republicans have three candidates for United States Senator in the April 30th Republican Primary who support Gay Marriage: Sullivan, Gomez, and Winslow.

   We also know that some candidates have gone so far as to call the other a “flip flopper” on Gay Marriage as Gabriel Gomez did when he attacked Sullivan last week. 

   So the question is , if all 5 major candidates (3 Republican and 2 Democrats: Markey and Lynch) believe that all people should have equality, than is the debate on gay marriage dead?

   Please blog your opinions.

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