WH Press Corps furious with media lockout of Obama golf – finally get to ask important question

The White House Press Corps was furious this weekend over Barack Obama’s media lockout in order to get in a few rounds of golf with Tiger Woods.  Obama was purposely avoiding the WH Press Corps in order to escape their clutches for time alone.  

Normally the President is happy to play golf with a hoard of journalists stuffin their noses up his backside.  But this time things were different and for the country’s good he had to stop them at the gate.  

What is most hilarious is that when he finally admitted where he had been and what he was doing, and with whom he was doing it – they asked this question:  “Who won?”.  

The economy is falling apart, North Korea has openly admitted it wants to destroy South Korea, hiring is down, the price of gas is up 30+ cents in the last month, his administration is resigning in droves, and what does the media ask the POTUS when given a chance?  Who won?  

Tiger Woods won you dipsh*ts!  Tiger Woods is a professional golfer you assh*les!  Of course he won!  Barack Obama is a skinny, cocaine sniffing, weak-kneed sissy that throws like a girl and pretends to skeet shoot at the summer White House.  Obama has 6 inch biceps and 9 inch upper arms – he is lucky to be able to support a bottle of water with those skinny little arms.  Do you really think he can beat the world’s best golfer?  Dumbasses!

I think a better question for them to ask would be: “Hey assh*le, when are you gonna get around to creating jobs that pay more than minimum wage?”.  Or how about: “Does it bother you that the little fart Kim-Jung Un is calling you out and making you look like a girl?”.   Or maybe the question: “Why have you done nothing about the price of gas?” would be more appropriate?  At least I would be interested in an answer if they got one.  But to ask the POTUS who won a golf match between him and the world’s best is silly.  

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