Unity Delayed

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The race for MassGOP Chair was a spirited affair between two very good candidates.  Each candidate had their strong supporters adding to the spirit of the race.  There is many things that all involved agreed upon, the foremost of which is the need to build unity within the MassGOP.  To this end a Unity Summit was proposed and agreed upon by the State Committee.  Personally, I viewed this as a good way to bring together the members of the State Committee and encourage them to work together to grow the Party and work towards electoral victories in the upcoming special elections, 2013 municipal elections and the 2014 election cycle.

But alas, it appears as though the Unity Summit has been delayed, deferred or put on hold:

Dear State Committee Members, Elected Officials and GOP Leaders:

On behalf of the planning committee, I’ve been asked to inform you that the Massachusetts Republican State Party Summit has been continued and will not take place on March 2, 2013

Due to a number of scheduling conflicts, and most importantly the fact that we now have an active Republican primary for the United States Senate race, the Summit Planning Committee has agreed to continue the Summit until Saturday, September 7, 2013.

We understand that no date will be convenient to all members, but we ask you to make every effort to save the date of September 7th so that we can hold this very important meeting.

We will provide details for the newly rescheduled Summit as they become available.

Best Regards,


I am disappointed that our State Committee will not be taking the time to work together to build unity leading into the special senate election.

I strongly disagree with Nate and the planning committee that the special senate election is a reason to delay the Unity Summit 6 months.  I believe that the special senate election is THE reason to hold the Unity Summit NOW.  We will be having spirited primaries now which is good, but we need to come out of them united behind the winning candidate as the goal is winning the Senate seat!  We need more unity NOW not in September.

I hope the State Committee will reverse this decision and take the time to bond and come together before the special senate election not after.

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