The Tipping Point Timeline

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I’m issuing a “tipping point timeline” of  the key fiscal events during the campaign that will highlight Washington gridlock that is putting the Nation’s economic recovery at risk.  Washington isn’t working.  Too often the Washington insiders talk past each other rather than work together to solve problems.  The scope of the problem is clear: at the current rate of spending, the size of the federal debt will soon surpass the size of the national economy.  What isn’t clear is Washington’s will to fix it.

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Each American’s share of the gross debt equals more than $200,000 when unfunded obligations are included. That means that every child born in the United States enters this world with the equivalent of a mortgage they owe and no house to show for it. It is immoral and undemocratic for Washington to shift the burden of current federal spending onto our children and generations to come. They don’t even have a vote in the matter. The good news is that it’s not too late to change the course of our future, if we start now by electing a proven problem solver to the United States Senate. If elected, I will make growing jobs and opportunity and reducing the federal debt and deficit my top priorities to get America working again. It is crucial to remember that this special election will occur on a timeline when important decisions can and should be made in Congress. And if our elected leaders fail to get the job done, then it’s time for new leaders.


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