The state in which we live: Massachusetts most liberal state says Time magazine

Decrepit Time magazine channels Jon Keller: Massachusetts is the most liberal state. (D.C. ranked first but that’s not a state). We know that we aren’t going to turn into Alabama nor should we ever graft such a conservative agenda upon Massachusetts. But this is the world in which we operate, at a great disadvantage. It’s a reality check the “Republican wing of the Republican Party” ought to acknowledge. Stating the obvious should be a regular exercise.

Alabama has taken the crown previously held by Mississippi as the most conservative state in the union, according to a new Gallup poll.  Last year the top four were Mississippi, Utah, and Wyoming, with Alabama coming in fourth.  Overall, Americans in 2012 remained more likely to identify as conservative (38%) than as moderate (36%) or as liberal (23%), although liberals have gained 2 percentage points compared to 2011.

On the liberal side, the medalists have gotten stronger. Washington DC, Massachusetts, and Oregon, the 2011 liberal top three, retain their titles in 2012, as more residents identify as liberal than the prior year. Residents of Washington DC are more liberal than the highest state, Massachusetts, by over ten percentage points.

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