Thank you Scott Brown, and thank you Team Brown.

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September 2009 was pretty bleak.  The likelihood of anyone from our party making the upcoming special election competitive was small, the chances of winning were dismal.  But Scott Brown stepped into the breach – thanks to what he did and what Team Brown did – the people who tirelessly made calls and who stood in the snow holding signs on that magical day in January, 2010 – everything changed.

The magnitude of that change was profound, and should not now be forgotten.  It is most evident when September 2009 is contrasted with February 2013.  As a direct result of the change made by Scott Brown and Team Brown, the field of good, credible candidates who may run for Senate now is full – from Dan Winslow, to Bill Weld, to Lew Evangelidis, to Tom Wesley, to Karyn Polito, to Richard Tisei, to Kerry Healey, to Jon Golnick, to Bob Hedlund, to Sean Bielat.  As a direct result of that change, we have two very strong candidates – Mary Connaughton and Charlie Baker – who hopefully will run next year.  Plus, as a direct result of that change, those who will lead our party in the not-to-distant future – people like Ryan Fattman and Shauna O’Connell – are moving past the beginning of the beginnings of their careers.

In some ways, one-party dominance has not served even the Democratic Party well – John Kerry was the last home-grown politician from their party to be newly-elected Governor or Senator.  And he was first elected before Massachusetts last cast its electoral votes for the Republican (1984 was a long time back – Larry Bird was still winning championships, Jim Rice was batting cleanup for the Red Sox, Tom Brady was graduating from kindergarten, and the parents of the Bruins top scorer were still in elementary school – ok, I’m guessing about elementary school, but it could be true).  Everyone, even the Democratic Party, would benefit from working balance.

Let us now follow the gracious recommendation of Rick Green, and fully support Kirsten Hughes.  With respect to the United States Senate, as a party, we are undefeated in special elections held on snowy January days; with Kirsten’s good leadership, a strong candidate, and the work of those who were Team Brown, may we remain undefeated in special elections held on sunny days in June.

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