Text of Governor Patrick’s Travel Ban Executive Order

EDITORS NOTE:  The email that was sent regarding this storm improperly linked here for the Michael Sullivan Story.  This was an error.  You can read about Michael Sullivan and Nomination papers HERE.  Sorry for the error – Rob.

H/T Charles Grillo

Here is the text of Deval Patrick’s executive order banning travel after 4 PM today.

Reaction on Facebook has been universal derision from both my conservative and liberal friends.  They see this as an undue violation of civil liberties.

By His Excellency







I, Deval L. Patrick, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, pursuant to the power provided by Chapter 639 of the Acts of 1950 do hereby issue the following order:

There shall be a ban on motor vehicle travel beginning at 4:00 PM today and continuing until further notice. This travel ban shall not apply to the following:

   public safety vehicles and public safety workers, including contract personnel

   public works vehicles and public works workers, including contract personnel; government officials conducting official business

   utility company vehicles and utility workers

   healthcare workers who must travel to and from work in order to provide essential health services

   news media

   travel necessary to maintain and deliver critical private sector services such as energy, fuel supplies and delivery, financial systems and the delivery of critical commodities

   travel to support business operations that provide critical services to the public, including gasoline stations, food stores and hardware stores

Given this 8th day of February in the year of our Lord two thousand and thirteen at 12:15PM.


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Here is a link pdf of the Civil Defense statute.  The statute says that defying an Executive Order for civil defense is punishable by one year in jail or $500.

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  • charactermatters

    Can I pick anyone up, say about 4:05?

  • Couldn’t find an official link to it.


  • This is why we have a 2nd Amendment! To Arms!!!!

  • gary

    If he was a real Excellency, he’d have issued a ban against snow.

  • How can one take a travel advisory/ban declared by Tim Murray seriously?  Having the man who wrecked a state owned car in the early morning hours doing 108 part of the declaration prohibiting driving strike me as, at a minimum, ironic.

  • n/t

  • When the local Walmart actually closes. Of course, they waited until 4:00 pm to do so.

  • getting picked up by Republican buddy (yes, I have one and he has the SUV and I have the 36mpg car).

  • geo999

    I have a business to check on and a deadline to meet, Governor.

    I will be on the road tommorrow morning come hell or high water.

    Look for the Ram 2500 4×4 with the 6.7 Cummins, Governor. And catch me if you can, you pompous douchebag.

  • I’m watching television news to see if anyone can get an answer to the question, which mandate rules? Ch. 4 anchors tried to find out when gov was on this morning, but he just slid off his reply as usual. I agree with the ban on driving, but a year in jail?!!!? I know, not to worry, it’s at someone’s discretion.

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