Steve Lynch: I’m now Pro-Choice

(Well there goes the reason I’ve heard from a lot of conservatives to vote for Steve Lynch.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Congressman Stephen Lynch has always bragged about being Pro-Life… that life begins at conception.  In fact, his district is considered one of the most conservative in Massachusetts because it is heavily catholic.  

Now since Lynch has entered the Senate race and knowing that being Pro-Life hurts him in the Democratic Primary with woman, Lynch has flip flopped and now says “Abortion should be legal, rare, and safe” and that he will only support Supreme Court Judges who will uphold Roe vs. Wade.

Well Lynch is not the only Democratic Senate Candidate to flip flop as well in the June 25, 2013 special election.  That’s right.  Ed Markey is a flip flopper also.  Today.  Ed Markey is Pro-Choice, but when Markey entered Congress, he was for a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting Abortion.

Please click on this article on Steve Lynch flipflopping on becoming Pro-Choice:………

“US Representative Stephen F. Lynch, who has consistently described himself as an antiabortion legislator, said Monday that he believes abortion is a constitutionally protected right and that as a US senator he would actively oppose anti­abortion nominees to the Supreme Court.”


Please click on this article about Ed Markey flip flopping and starting out his Congressional Career as Pro-Life:…

Here is the specific quote from the article on Markey:

“Markey supports a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion, and opposes busing to achieve racial integration in public schools. He says his abortion position is a matter of conscience, because he thinks abortion is wrong.”

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