Steve Lynch: I’m now Pro-Choice

(Well there goes the reason I’ve heard from a lot of conservatives to vote for Steve Lynch.   – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

Congressman Stephen Lynch has always bragged about being Pro-Life… that life begins at conception.  In fact, his district is considered one of the most conservative in Massachusetts because it is heavily catholic.  

Now since Lynch has entered the Senate race and knowing that being Pro-Life hurts him in the Democratic Primary with woman, Lynch has flip flopped and now says “Abortion should be legal, rare, and safe” and that he will only support Supreme Court Judges who will uphold Roe vs. Wade.

Well Lynch is not the only Democratic Senate Candidate to flip flop as well in the June 25, 2013 special election.  That’s right.  Ed Markey is a flip flopper also.  Today.  Ed Markey is Pro-Choice, but when Markey entered Congress, he was for a Constitutional Amendment prohibiting Abortion.

Please click on this article on Steve Lynch flipflopping on becoming Pro-Choice:………

“US Representative Stephen F. Lynch, who has consistently described himself as an antiabortion legislator, said Monday that he believes abortion is a constitutionally protected right and that as a US senator he would actively oppose anti­abortion nominees to the Supreme Court.”


Please click on this article about Ed Markey flip flopping and starting out his Congressional Career as Pro-Life:…

Here is the specific quote from the article on Markey:

“Markey supports a constitutional amendment to prohibit abortion, and opposes busing to achieve racial integration in public schools. He says his abortion position is a matter of conscience, because he thinks abortion is wrong.”

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  • For Ed Markey, you are quoting an article from 1976!   It was 36 years ago, and he was 29 years old at the time.  Geesh.    Markey has long since changed his position and he has been a consistent supporter of a woman’s right-to-choose for many, many years.

    It’s pretty silly to call Markey a “flip-flopper” on this issue, especially since he clearly didn’t change his position for this special Senate election.  Unlike Lynch.

  • He lost points with me.  

  • Steve Lynch has historically been Pro-Life in Name Only.

    According to the Massachusetts Citizens for Life, Lynch only voted pro-life when his vote didn’t make a difference. In other words the legislation was either going to pass or fail without his vote. But when it really mattered, Lynch voted the way his overlords told to vote on the subject.

    Scott Brown who claimed to be pro-choice, in many ways had a better pro-life voting record than Steve Lynch. Scott held up a defense appropriation bill because it allowed women in the military to have abortions on military hospitals, so long as they paid for the procedure. Brown argued, that the taxpayers paid to build and maintain the hospital, so that was taxpayer funded abortion.  No for a guy who says he’s pro-choice, that’s a pretty pro-life vote. So as much as I’ve been a Brown critic, I’ve got to give him credit for his record on life.

    As far as Lynch is concerned, he hurt himself with this flip-flop.  His best chance to beat Markey was to attract conservative independents that normally vote Republican. That Demographic, along with his union base and old School Democrat support would have given him the Democrat Nomination.  And were he to square off against a pro-choice Republican, he would attract pro-life Republicans (who didn’t know any better) in the general.

    That said; there are still people out there that think Lynch is pro-life. They’ll see his flip-flop as a political necessity. He is still seen as far more culturally conservative that Moon Bat Markey. Lynch is also still seen as a regular guy, who puts jobs over the neo-pagan worship of the environment.  So Lynch will remain an attractive candidate to rational voters in Massachusetts voting in the Democrat Primary.

  • There goes that alleged dilemma for pro-life conservatives & Republicans!  

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    that some women think having an abortion is something to be proud of….  

    They do seem proud of it, don’t you think?  

    I know women that had cancer, and through some rather serious treatments they beat the cancer.  They now work hard to fight cancer through community actions.  They are proud to say they beat cancer.

    It seems to be the same with abortion.  The women that I meet that had abortions seem to work hard in the community so everyone knows they had an abortion.  No longer is an abortion something that you would be ashamed of!  It is something to be proud of and something you donate money to support and stand holding signs to advocate for….Isn’t that odd?

    It somehow seems to be a badge of honor for women today.  It seems to reinforce in their minds their independence as a gender.  ‘They will do with their bodies whatever they hell they please, and nobody can tell them anything different!’.  I guess women have come to a point in society where they believe terminating the life of an unborn child is what helps define them.  It gives them value somehow!  That is odd, don’t you think?

    Clearly this idea that women are proud of their abortion is true, otherwise it would be shame they feel.  (I base this upon the assumption that no woman is indifferent to abortion – so either they are ashamed or they are proud) Perhaps it is like a man who goes hunting for the first time.  Although he is nervous and a little scared he looks forward to the first kill.  Once the first kill has been made, be it a deer or a duck or some other lovely creature, they feel empowered and strong.  I think it is the same with women and abortion.  Once they have that first kill under their belt they go out and find ways to boast about it through actions.  It is no longer taboo.  It is no longer bad.  It is something that binds women together.  Odd, isn’t it?  

    Maybe it is like a homosexual encounter?  The homosexual knows in his/her heart it is wrong, but they find an insatiable thirst to try it.  It is called a perversion!  Anyway, once they try it they search out others who have also tried it, and then they have something to share with each other.  They share their perversion.  It is kinda the same way with child predators – they seem to be out there in groups supporting each others perversions.  Don’t believe me?  Google NAMBLA….  They are out there in groups….

    That is the way women are with abortion.  Well not all women, only the pro-choice women!  Pro-choice women are out there in groups encouraging others to try the forbidden fruit.  ‘Go ahead, terminate the pregnancy, it will make you feel better’.  ‘We are here to support you’.  ‘Don’t worry, nobody has to know’.  

    Sure, there is the extremely small percentage of pregnancies that are terminated due to rape, incest or where the life of the mother is threatened.  But all those reasons combined add up to less than 1% of the abortions in America.  The other 99% are done ‘because they can’.  ‘Yes we can!, yes we can!’.  

    If women are ashamed of their abortions they certainly don’t show it!  I think there is even a small percentage that enjoy it.  It would be easy to prove that there are women in society that have had multiple abortions.  One after another after another….  They aren’t ashamed and they aren’t trying to avoid pregnancy – they get pregnant so they can have an abortion.  Otherwise why go thru such an emotional and testing procedure more than once?  They do it again and again….It empowers them.  It makes them feel like they are in charge of themselves and their relationships and their life.  Funny how women find power thru abortion instead of building loving family relationships full of children.  Odd isn’t it?