Somone is circulating U.S. Senate nomination papers for Michael Sullivan

(I heard this.  That his papers were going around at Friday Morning Group… Interesting development. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I hadn’t heard that Michael Sullivan was a declared candidate but someone is circulating papers on his behalf.

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  • Makes me disappointed that my own followers have not taken it upon themselves to circulate papers on my behalf.

  • I seem to recall some wise soul mentioning Mike Sullivan recently.  I tseems like the idea is catching.

  • It’s still not clear to me why we should draft Sullivan.

  • Rich Bastien

    Who while acting director of ATF expanded gunwalking operations?


    All. Set.


  • Of all the names out there Sullivan has the most gravitas and the most impressive resume.

  • BradMarston

    I just want to know who Mr. Somone is.