Somone is circulating U.S. Senate nomination papers for Michael Sullivan

(I heard this.  That his papers were going around at Friday Morning Group… Interesting development. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I hadn’t heard that Michael Sullivan was a declared candidate but someone is circulating papers on his behalf.

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  1. Makes me disappointed that my own followers have not taken it upon themselves to circulate papers on my behalf.

  2. I seem to recall some wise soul mentioning Mike Sullivan recently.  I tseems like the idea is catching.

  3. It’s still not clear to me why we should draft Sullivan.

  4. Who while acting director of ATF expanded gunwalking operations?


    All. Set.


  5. Of all the names out there Sullivan has the most gravitas and the most impressive resume.

  6. I just want to know who Mr. Somone is.

  7. Is there a draft Sullivan movement afoot?

  8. Rob "EaBo Clipper" Eno

    Here is facebook page –


    Someone has been pushing it hard for the past few days, but it has only just today topped 100 likes.  Not sure what to measure it against, but 100 likes seems small.

  10. Simple J. Malarkey

    …circulating the papers?

  11. I don’t recall hearing that he was involved in that.  The guy that did get in trouble for the gun walking was Ken Melson who came after Sullivan.

    Look at the Wikipedia page:

    No mention of Sullivan.

  12. Began under the Bush Administration. Sullivan was acting director of the ATF. Had full knowledge of the program that under the Obama administration morphed into Fast and Furious.

  13. at a state rep fundraiser and I got to meet and speak with him for the first time two years ago.  This subject came up and he said that while at the ATF he was approached to do such an operation (he didn’t say who) and refused to even consider it.  It was a bad idea.  He wasn’t involved.

    My understanding that under Bush, the “gun walking” involved only a few guns with tracking devices.  Fast and Furious involved hundreds of guns with no trackers.

  14. He will also have the added benefit of having the same name, Michael A. Sullivan, as the current Middlesex County Clerk of Courts.  People in Middlesex County are used to voting for Michael A Sullivan and may do so out of habit in the general election if he is the nominee.  Cannot hurt in the largest county in the state.

  15. But if you want to sign, Rob has a link to the Facebook site.

  16. Fast and furious was not the only gunwalking program. Operation Receiver occurred under his watch. Under the program 474 guns were sold. Only 64 guns were eventually recovered and the rest were lost. The program was so badly managed, prosecutors didn’t bring many of the suspect to trial.

    During the course of our review of Operation Fast and Furious, the OIG received information about several other ATF investigations that possibly used a strategy and tactics similar to those allegedly employed in Operation Fast and Furious, including the tactic of failing to seize firearms despite having a sufficient legal basis to do so. One such case, Operation Wide Receiver, was noteworthy because it informed our understanding of how these tactics were used by ATF more than three years before Operation Fast and Furious was initiated.

    The investigation involved several straw purchasers, one of whom was a subject in both parts of the case. During the course of the investigation, the subjects purchased hundreds of firearms from a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL) who was working as an ATF confidential informant and who recorded his in-person and telephonic communications with the subjects. Based on these recordings and other evidence – including court-ordered electronic surveillance – ATF agents knew that the subjects were purchasing firearms for other persons, converting firearms to illegal weapons, and transporting firearms to Mexico. However, during the course of Operation Wide Receiver, agents did not arrest any subjects and seized less than a quarter of the more than 400 firearms purchased.

    The trial attorney concluded upon reviewing the case file that ATF had not interdicted the majority of the firearms purchased by the Operation Wide Receiver subjects. She included this information in e-mails to her supervisors and in two prosecution memoranda. In April 2010, Jason Weinstein, a Deputy Assistant Attorney General (DAAG) in the Criminal Division, reviewed the prosecution memorandum for Operation Wide Receiver I and concluded that ATF had allowed guns to “walk.”

    Operation Wide Receiver was particularly significant because it took place in part under the supervision of William Newell, the same Special Agent in Charge (SAC) who oversaw Operation Fast and Furious, and because attorneys and officials in the Department’s Criminal Division who reviewed Operation Wide Receiver for possible prosecution learned that firearms purchased by subjects during the investigation had “walked.” This knowledge of “gun walking” in Operation Wide Receiver by senior officials in the Department’s Criminal Division and by ATF was significant to us as we evaluated the ATF’s and the Department’s response to Congressional inquiries about ATF firearms trafficking investigations along the Southwest Border in the wake of the shooting death of Agent Terry. We therefore decided to review Operation Wide Receiver both to assess the conduct of the investigation and the Department’s communications with Congress in the aftermath of the death of Agent Terry.22

    Operation Wide Receiver Part II occurred while Sullivan was ATF director. If he is claiming that he had no knowledge of the program occurring at ATF’s Phoenix division, then either he was not in control of his field organizations or incompetent. Either way….

    I’ll pass.  

  17. Folks look at the date of the report Mr. Bastien is quoting.

    It’s September 2012. This is Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s Justice Department making these assertions. These are the same folks that are claiming executive privilege in order to cover up their own foibles.

    Anything they have to say about the Justice Department run by the Bush Administration is therefore suspect.  

    Come on folks this is the same bunch of clowns that blame Bush for everything including hurricane Sandy !

    Mr Bastien should know better to spew Democrat talking points against a Republican.  His doing so makes us call in to question exactly what his motivation and agenda is.  

  18.    KELLY WRIGHT (ANCHOR): The President says he knew nothing about the operation, but the Justice Department has been slow in responding. Do you think this will lead all the way to the White House being involved?

       SULLIVAN: I would be surprised. From our experience at ATF, firearms trafficking cases were fairly routine in terms of the nature and scope of the investigations. They didn’t require authorities outside of ATF, and for the purpose of initiating it. Could folks have been briefed up, considering the violence in Mexico and the violence on the border, about the strategy, that’s clearly possible. But the project itself was well within the rights of the director to essentially approve or to reject.

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