Somone is circulating U.S. Senate nomination papers for Michael Sullivan

(I heard this.  That his papers were going around at Friday Morning Group… Interesting development. – promoted by Rob “EaBo Clipper” Eno)

I hadn’t heard that Michael Sullivan was a declared candidate but someone is circulating papers on his behalf.

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  1. Makes me disappointed that my own followers have not taken it upon themselves to circulate papers on my behalf.

  2. I seem to recall some wise soul mentioning Mike Sullivan recently.  I tseems like the idea is catching.

  3. It’s still not clear to me why we should draft Sullivan.

  4. Who while acting director of ATF expanded gunwalking operations?


    All. Set.


  5. Of all the names out there Sullivan has the most gravitas and the most impressive resume.

  6. I just want to know who Mr. Somone is.

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