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 As you may know, I announced my campaign for the GOP nomination for US Senate in an email to members of the State Committee and others.  Several people have asked that it be more broadly shared.  The letter is posted below:


Dear Fellow Republicans,

On June 9, 1999, I received the following note dated June 2 and written by our former Party Chairman Ray Shamie.  I wanted to share his thoughts with you:

Dear Dan & Susan,

Thank you so very much for writing to us at this time.  I am sorry to say that I have lung cancer-both lungs, and have only a few weeks remaining.  Of course, such estimates can be put on a par with stock market predictions and weather forecasts. You read them, disregard them and go about your business.

One of the great joys of my life is to add up those I have helped to achieve positions of power and influence in gov’t.  In the passage of time if I have touched the lives of other people that has made them better citizens or more active in the pursuit of sound policies I am more than content.

Best to you and Susan, God bless you and continue to teach the Shamie gospel.

With much love,


Ray Shamie died on June 8, 1999, the day before I received his letter.  I have been teaching the Shamie gospel ever since. At a time when the MassGOP seemed beyond hope, we pulled ourselves up by our grassroots and under Ray’s leadership won half the constitutional offices, many legislative offices, along with two congressional seats.  Now is the time to do it again.

In  my work as a Ward and Town Committee member, State Committee member, and as the General Counsel to the GOP (a position I helped create under Ray’s leadership to take the fight to the Democrats), I have worked to advance our core principles of freedom, respect for the individual, opportunity and responsibility.  It is a message that resonates with Massachusetts voters when they have a real choice of candidates.

I have won every local and state election where I appeared on the ballot as a candidate, starting as a Planning Board member and Town Moderator in our community.  I won my first election for State Representative in 2010 with nearly 70% of the vote against a very well self-financed Democrat.  And I won my second term of office in November without any opposition, even after a statewide Party boss from the other side of the aisle declared in the Boston Globe “You tell Winslow we’re coming for him.”  Why?  Because I bring the principled fight to the Democrats and I have a record of leadership, reform and results.

In the last fiscal crisis, following 9/11, I resigned from a lifetime position of Judge to serve as the Chief Legal Counsel to Governor Romney.  I was part of the Romney senior team that helped turn around the Massachusetts fiscal meltdown.  We accomplished that goal with new ideas, new thinking and a lot of hard work.  And with the support of the people of Massachusetts.

I want you to be among the first to know that I will be a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of United States Senator.  As a native of Western Massachusetts from a hardworking middle class family, and as an experienced problem solver, I believe that the next two years will be our last, best opportunity to avoid the tipping point of a runaway deficit and crushing federal debt.  We need to grow jobs and ensure peace and prosperity for our children and grandchildren.  My experience as a fiscal conservative and problem solver is experience we need in Washington DC.  Our great Nation’s future depends on getting this right.

My US Senate campaign website will soon be up and running at and I would deeply appreciate your endorsement and support.  More importantly, I ask your prayers and good will for my family and me in this effort.  I will give it everything I have.  Please let me know if you’d like me to meet with voters in your area and I will come to meet you as I travel the state.

If the battle for the future of our country must be fought, then let it begin here in Massachusetts in this special US Senate election.

Working together, Massachusetts will make a difference for America.


Dan Winslow

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