REQUEST: Tell me the sides and the platforms

It’s obvious that there is a rift in the party.  It’s a suicidal rift, but a rift just the same.

People on one side will ruthlessly attack candidates and committee people from the other side regardless of who it is.

Can someone please put together a series of posts that tell me what the two platforms are and why the other side is against the other?

No names or judgements, just why?

In my opinion, we’re arguing about which side to crack the egg on…

Really, help me out.

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  • I think it’s Libertarians trying to push aside Conservatives, trying to push Transhumanism and replace natural reproduction and marriage.

    Consider that there are lots of Transhumanist websites out there, with hundreds of active participants, who we are supposed to believe don’t participate in political websites? No, they participate all right, but they are smart enough to keep their Transhumanist agenda hidden. For example, I accused Seascraper a few months ago as being a self-identified Transhumanist on another blog, and he never denied it. In politics, they stick to poisoning the well and concern trolling rather than openly advocating for their agenda. If they were open about it, it’d be easy to identify the rift and get rid of it.

  • using little to no platforms and 1 name.

    Group A. Friends of Paul Ferro & like-minded individuals

    Group B. Those who oppose Group A

    Group C. Those in group A who don’t trust Paul Ferro (Ronulans)