Post-election thoughts from Rick Green

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Last night, I received the following email from Rick Green. I have posted it here in its entirety. Thanks again to Rick and Kirsten on a well-fought race.

Thank you and congratulations to Chairwoman Hughes! Despite the election not turning out in our favor, your voice has been heard by many on the Republican State Committee.

The “Grass Roots Green Team” cannot disband. Now is the time to get involved. If you have not, please consider joining your Republican Town or City Committee. If you have considered running for elected office in the past to improve your community, please consider running in the next election. Our party needs you just like I needed your support.

From the beginning, I ran to unite the party and help our Republican candidates. Please join me in doing just that. The ‘R’ by our name needs to stand for ‘Respect.’ Respect for our fellow Republicans and the voters we are trying to win.

My campaign for MassGOP Chair was about you, not one individual. The Grass Roots have been quiet for too long, you need to continue to be heard and believe.

Thank you again!

Rick Green

Republican State Committee member

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