Obama leadership vs Tom Brady leadership – compare for yourself!

This may be the most vile and disturbing news to come out of Washington in generations.  President Barack Obama, the architect of the Sequestration, included in his sequestration an exclusion for the president, which naturally is him.  The story is on CNSNews and carried by Drudge:

A report published last month by the Congressional Research Service–“Budget Sequestration and Selected Program Exemptions and Special Rules”–identifies certain programs that are exempt from sequestration and lays out special rules that govern the sequestration of others.

Section 255 of the Budget Control Act includes “Compensation for the President” as one of those exemptions (Page 19).

So what it boils down to is this – Obama gets this really bad idea for making ‘meat clever’ budget cuts in case his administration can’t seem to find any common ground with the House of Representatives.  The cuts include up to 20% pay work/cuts for many members of the federal government.  But, he includes in these cuts, aka Sequestration, an exemption for himself.  He, the President, will not have to suffer any of the cuts he imposes on everyone else.  

One more example of how Obama thinks he is above everyone else in this country.  That is why he  takes a $1 million golf weekend with Tiger Woods, and send his family off to overtake a resort somewhere else for another $2 or $3 million.  He is completely out of touch with reality and the working man.  It’s sickening…

I wonder how federal workers feel knowing that the SOB that came up with the idea for Sequestration (Obama) left himself out of the painful cuts. As I write this Obama is marching around Washington telling stories of how bad things are going to be when these cuts take effect.  But they won’t actually effect HIM.  He is above the federal budget cuts.   This is what Obama calls leadership.  This is how he leads by example!  This is how the commander asks only of his troops what he is willing to do as well..   Uttter failure and lack of leadership!

Also note, by comparison, Tom Brady of the New England patriots has taken a significant pay cut in order to allocate money elsewhere in the Patriots organization so they stand a better chance of getting tot he playoffs.  The story here in USA Today says:

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has taken a steep discount on the going rate for elite NFL quarterbacks to help the team allocate money elsewhere and make at least one more title run in his career, according to a person familiar with the agreement.

I am no fan of Tom Brady, but this is leadership!  This is sacrifice for the better of the team!  This is a leader who is willing to do himself what he expects others to do as well… Sacrifice!

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