Michael Sullivan Decision by Thursday?

A member of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee tells Red Mass Group that an announcement by Michael Sullivan may come as early as Thursday of this week.

Michael Sullivan, you may remember was the US Attorney for Boston and the acting director of the ATF.

Is he in?  We’ll find out soon…

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  1. Wouldn’t shock me if he doesn’t.  The state committeeman and woman have already endorsed Gomez, which if Sullivan were running should have been endorsements that would best go to him.  And signatures…

  2. Kaufman and Healey’s endorsement of Gomez mean nothing to rank and file Republicans that will vote in the primary.

    If Sullivan decides to run, he’s the favorite to win the primary.

    Dan Winslow also has an impressive resume.

    Gomez is dead in the water once Republican voters hear that he donated $1,000 to Obama.

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