Media grind: It never ends, more stories about the big divide in MA-GOP

Yes the media can’t let go of the “divided state GOP” meme but Robert Rizzuto of the Springfield Republican has a great piece on the beginnings of a healing process, or so we would like to think.

“Everything they say about having a big tent of ideas is a facade. They break their own rules and change others when it’s convenient,” Kopacz said after issuing a scathing press release accusing party officials of myriad wrongdoings. “But the new chairwoman is one of the most-removed people from the whole thing. She wasn’t behind all of the things that went on and who knows, she might be better than her predecessors.”

The last statement from Kopacz may be a ray of hope for a party otherwise split on social issues and skeptical of each other. With less than 20 percent of the state’s residents enrolled as Republicans, their numbers aren’t large enough to breed success when divided and Hughes seems to be acutely aware of that.

Tim Buckley, spokesman for the state party, said that Hughes is making good on her campaign promise to unify the party by putting energy into organizing a “unity conference” set to take place in the coming weeks.

“It will be a closed-door event so the committee members can have the opportunity to speak freely and get it all out there,” Buckley said. “The hope is that everyone can put the past aside and come up with a plan to move forward, together.”

It looks like it’s going to take some leadership to unify the disparate elements of the MA GOP. Here’s to hope.


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