“Looking Ahead” by MassGOP Chairman Kirsten Hughes

I received this via email yesterday evening.

Dear Fellow Republicans,

At lunchtime today, I spoke to Senator Brown by telephone.  His news was as surprising to me as I’m sure it was to you.  Certainly, we can all understand this was a highly personal decision for Senator Brown and his family.  Yet, it’s certainly a disappointment for many in our party.

Some cynics in the media may try to portray this as a negative.  However, if we all work together, we can seize the opportunity that this presents.  Today, several highly qualified Republicans have demonstrated heightened interest in the upcoming special election.  All of us must unite behind our eventual nominee for U.S. Senate while we also support our candidates in the special elections for state legislative seats.  Our collective efforts this year will set the stage for 2014 when our goal must be to recapture the Governor’s Office and add seats in the state Legislature and Congress.

I am honored the State Committee last night entrusted me with the leadership of the party.   I congratulate my opponent in the chairman’s race, State Committeeman Rick Green, on running a great campaign.  The contest demonstrated the level of commitment and energy in our grassroots.  I look forward to working with Rick, who has been very gracious and supportive, to unite and grow our party.   It is critical to the success of our candidates that we focus our passions on the many upcoming elections.

Until I have a chance to thank you personally on the campaign trail, please know I greatly appreciate all you do for our Republican Party.

Yours in Victory,

Kirsten Hughes

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