I feel defeated

(Kirsten Hughes had zero reason to listen to my suggestion to fire DeVitto, but when 18 year olds are losing faith, that should cause one to pause. – promoted by Paul R. Ferro)

And it’s not because of Kirsten Hughes.

Ms. Hughes is a good person, and she has the respect and the support of some of the most important people in my life. I congratulate her, and intend to assure her, and all of you, that she now has my support. I wish her the best, and I am sure she will make a fine chairperson.

The feeling that has enveloped me is one of moral defeat.

The last time I saw Vincent DeVito’s face was on the floor of the RNC. Rich Berrena suggested I go talk to a FOX reporter that at the time was interviewing Brock Cordeiro. I thanked Mr. Berrena, whom I hardly knew, for his friendly suggestion.

When Brock was done with his interview, I took a step forward to approach the reporter. It was then that a little grey-haired man in a suit put his hands on me, stepped in front of me, his back to me, and said very simply, “No.” The man was Vin DeVito.

I said, “I’m sorry, sir, I was told to introduce myself to this man.”

DeVito replied, “No, you’re not talking to him.”

I asked Vinny for his name a few times, but he just continued to box me out in silence.

I went back to my seat confused, because I had, until then, been treated so well in Tampa. It was then that Rich Berrena informed me of Mr. DeVito’s identity.

When I watched the chaos unfold last night over the “RG” contested ballot, my heart was broken. When Vin DeVito looked at that room full of republican activists and defended his decision to discount that ballot, something inside of me died.

It was as if I joined this party for nothing, as if all of the apologies I accepted, all of the bridges I rebuilt, as if all of that was for absolutely nothing.

The difference between the incident in Tampa, and the feeling I have today, is that, in Tampa, I was genuinely confused for a little while. This morning, I am sincerely depressed. I am saddened. It is a unique and distinct kind of sadness.

The last time I felt this way was not on November 6th. No, the last time I experienced this feeling was on June 15th of this past summer, when I opened a letter informing me that I had been removed from the Massachusetts delegation to the Republican National Convention of 2012.

It’s getting really hard for me to defend my allegiance to this party, and that really does break my heart.

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  • Evan, I was so glad to meet you last night and it made me feel good to see a young man like you on our side. We need young people like you to be the future of the party. Don’t give up! That’s what they want you and the rest of us who don’t agree with them to do. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Trust me, I know how you are feeling. What happened last night sucks but don’t let it stop you for fighting for what you believe in. Hang in there.  

  • MerrimackMan

    But it leaves me feeling confused when I don’t see the millions posts when it comes to an actual general election battle.

    Don’t get me wrong, this stuff has some (minimal) impact on the future of the party, and some emotional involvement is appropriate. However, it doesn’t sound to me as if anything was stolen from Rick Green. He was a great candidate, will likely continue to be a part of the future of the party, and his graciousness in defeat should really reassure you to move on.  

  • Your life will be filled with dickheads and a-holes.

    People who do it to you because they think you are a threat.

    People who do it to you just because they weren’t thinking.

    People who do it to you just because they can.

    People who do it to you for fun.

    This includes people you work for, people you work with and if you don’t watch out it can include people you’re in a romantic relationship with.

    These things that are happening to you only refer to your hobby, politics. Wait until someone does it to you and it costs you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    That’s when you can really have the pity party.

  • EvanMKenney

    It just makes my life more difficult, and our lives more difficult. I’m not going anywhere.

  • Sawx75

    Watching DeVito shake his head in opposition to proper parliamentary procedure really makes me wonder what his real agenda is.

  • Vote3rdpartynow

    I would have beat him like a rented mule.  He would have been my bitch right on the floor of the RNC…  I would have gone all Mike Tyson on his ass…

  • The GOP doesn’t really want you.  Ignore whatever everyone is telling you here about how valued you are.  You aren’t.  Actions speak louder than words and there have been plenty enough actions to leave you the feelings you are feeling.  The GOP just wants any extra body they can get to volunteer for things.  That’s all you are.

    The Libertarian Party has a new chairman.  I’ve met him.  He’s a real nice guy and he’s focused on building a farm team.  He holds a monthly meeting in Boston for people to get together and chat.  Check it out.


    Be a Libertarian.  Be happy.

  • At the time of the convention delegate bru-ha-ha, there was a posting that simply advised those disappointed with the results to “avoid Mass GOP internal politics, it will only make you more frustrated.”

    I have followed this advice.  Kristen Hughes, Rick Green?  Glad someone’s running the show.  Don’t know who they are.  Don’t care who they are.

    Here’s what I’ve been doing:

    1. ‘Adopting’ candidates or parties in other states.  I’m fortunate in that I came from a state in which the GOP thinks like a governing party.  They have real policy proposals to change the lives of real people.  My advice to you: get on the mailing list of another state party, send some $$ to an out-of-state candidate you think can make a difference, volunteer your services at a distance (build a website, do phone calls).  There’s a lot more than you can do at a distance in the internet age.

    2. Get involved in the policy debate.  We have a number of policy think tanks and activist organizations here in Mass and New England.  Talk with Pioneer, the Beacon Hill Institute, CLTG, MassFiscal Alliance, Gun Owners Action League or the Tea Party.  These people have a real agenda.  You don’t need to advance your ideals through elective means.  Indeed, you can lay the groundwork for a conservative/small government movement that the Massachusetts GOP should be doing (but is too lazy, fractionalized, agenda-less and otherwise f—ed up to do).

    Follow this advice my friend and you will find a much happier, rewarding path in front of you.  


  • …but you’re an inspiration to me and what we’re doing in this state.  We need you.

  • If you want to push Libertarianism, join the Libertarian Party.

  • I appreciate that, in the spirit of party unity, you want to support our new chair.  But don’t you find it a bit odd that Scott Brown bowed-out the day after she won, after a whispering campaign that held her out as the only way to get Scott to run again?

    I like to give people a chance to prove themselves — but as first impressions go, this one doesn’t exactly inspire my trust.  I guess we have to make the best of what we have.  But things like this won’t stop if we just all agree to not talk about what everyone is thinking anyway.